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Indie Games [December] Now Voting - Post 741!

Voting thread up!
Link to the Voting Thread: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=734961

In short:
Rank your top 20 PC Indie Games you played last year (check the previous monthly threads if you want to remember what we played here), feel free to give the same rank to multiple games, like:
1. Game XY
2. Game ÖZ
2. Game GA
2. Game XD
5. Game XT
6. Game HT
Feel free to include a second list with the ranks 21-50 in the same manner, but the second list is not needed for the voting.

Also, make sure to post about why you think certain games deserve the votes, to convince others to try a game or to remind them of a certain game. We covered ~500 games last year, so its easy to miss one or two great ones. I would also suggest subscribing to the voting thread to be informed about others writing up their impressions/why this game was awesome-posts.

Catacomb Kids - 2014 (PC, Mac)


Catacomb Kids is a procedurally generated platformer with an equal emphasis on quick reactions, tactical engagement, and strategic character growth. Wield swords, spears, axes, and daggers -- unleash powerful magicks to burn, freeze and poison foes with -- overcome traps and beasts both deadly and unrelenting. Enter into an underworld where death lurks around every corner...and just beyond that lies glory.


Dec 19, 2012
No one made a formatted post about it yet if I recall correctly.

Oh and, I remember using a non-english indie game website where they presented 1 (free?) indie per day. I believe it was ... french? Anyone happen to remember it?
I don't remember.