Infamous: Second Son Screenshot Contest

What a fantastic idea. I love peeking into the Second Son threads and seeing the Photo Mode stuff. The game is gorgeous, and every screenshot so far has shown that.

Very good idea! First Blood !

I had different versions of this but thought this one 'popped out' more.

Such a headache to get this from ps4 to gaf!
Awesome idea! Thowing this pic into the mix. I only rotated it didn't touch anything else :)

These made me audibly exclaim 'Holy shit!'
Shit, wanted to get a post in on the first page, now my name's got to be enough. Competition is really tough, going to edit this post once I found a worthy submission.
Don't worry. We'll go through all entries very carefully. I'll save them all to a folder and watch them many times with ISS OST playing in the background for some proper mood.

I've just made it through the screenshot thread and, damn, there are a lot of great ones there. I hope their authors include them in the contest. Can't say who ;).
Count me in! Though.....I'm new so I don't really understand how the photo upload thing happens. Meaning, how do I get a picture to GAF?
1. Make a "Photobucket" account
2. Download PS app and save picture to yourself
3. Send picture to self
4. Upload picture to photobucket
5. Use img. of picture and paste in Neogaf


I'd be in the dick

Not nearly as fancy as the others in here but I thought the framing came out really well. It was also a complete accident. I caught Delsin before the dash effect kicked in and didn't even realize I was by the Space Needle when I paused.