iPhone X | OT | November 3

One remark on Face ID and what really needs to be checked:

Windows Hello works quite similar on Microsofts Surface Pro, with all that fancy IR stuff. Now, it works really fast in the dark or with normal indoors lighting, but it does not work at all in direct sunlight.

That isn't too bad for a laptop, but for a phone I'd argue it definitely is. Hopefully someone can test this soon.

Euro price

This is insane. 200 more than US
I've been an iPhone user since the first one and I really like Apple products (several different MacBooks over the years)
But I can't bring myself to justify paying almost 1200€ for a 64GB iPhone X. And the 8 is no alternative. There's just not enough new stuff on the table.
My current 6s will definitely be my last iPhone.
OT isn't X Gonna Give To Ya?

When is this out?

People can balk at that price but all the phone companies will do their damnedest to incentivize and subsidize the phone so people can be talking poop emojis.

My question is can I adjust the display size for video so it's not wrapping out the front camera stuff?
I'm in the market for a new phone and have never been with Apple before, always Android and for the last few years W10.

I was hoping the X would be the one to get me onto the iOS bandwagon but after watching the conference I'm not too sure.