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Japanese newspaper rumor: redesigned Vita unveiling just before TGS


The original rumor has been updated with this statement:
item removed as source could not be confirmed)


Original post:

Translation quoted from Magic Box:

RUMOR: Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai reported a rumor that Sony is set to reveal a new PS Vita model in September before the Tokyo Game Show. The new model PCH-2000 will have a 6.3" display manufactured by Samsung (screen size of the current model is 5"), and the resolution will remain at 960 x 554 pixels. The amount of RAM will increase from 512MB to 1GB, to allow more programs to run in the background, the amount of RAM used by games will be unchanged (meaning games are still compatible between old and new models). In addition, the design of the new model will be more in-line with the PS4 design; and the system will launch with new game titles.


Sounds like they are going for the Wii U Gamepad route and going to try and be serious about the controller aspect. similar sized screen etc


Excited about a Vita redesign and will likely upgrade from my current one to it. My nephew will likely benefit from me ditching my old Vita

Sad that this Vita redesign doesn't come in phone form :(


Sounds pretty amazing, if true. I thought the redesign would have a smaller screen with a cheaper build, but it seems Sony is going in the complete opposite direction.
This is why I hate buying handhelds at launch :(

Either way that sounds cool if it ends up true. I hope they have the usual trade-in the older handheld and get some % off the purchase of the newer one deal after it releases.
If true, I'm in. My eyes need a bigger screen. Presbyopia is pretty strong in my family, and it's killing my portable use.

Perfect opportunity to reconsider the memory card thing, Sony.


I dunno. Vita barely fits in my pockets now.

And I'm not even talking about my skinnies.

If True I really don't see them viewing the 6.3" Vita as the outdoors kind considering all the upgrades suggested seem to suggest more utility uses than any help to gaming. Running some PS4 apps etc on the vitapad


Doesn't sound right. They need cost reduction, not cost... increases.

Yeah I don't get it. The biggest complaint about the Vita is the price and this doesn't fix that problem.

Also, would people in japan even be interested in a portable that huge?
Needs built in memory or a major reduction in the price of memory cards.

If they don't do at least one of those then the system will continue being dead.


If True I really don't see them viewing the 6.3" Vita as the outdoors kind considering all the upgrades suggested seem to suggest more utility uses than any help to gaming. Running some PS4 apps etc on the vitapad

Sure. I mean really I think they should push the whole platform as an at-home thing. PS4 games will give it that "You can play in bed!" hook.

And I certainly will.


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At last


I think the Vita could use a price cut more than a redesign. Also Sony launching 2 new pieces of hardware in a year sounds kind of bogus to me.


I'm just going to have to see it. I already like the way the current Vita is designed. A bigger Vita with a PS4 look, I dunno.


I don't know man, they're having a hard enough time marketing one. Why deal with the extra hassle of handling two models?

I see it in 2 possible directions.

1. They are betting big on the whole companion item to the PS4 thing they have been trying to preach lately

2. Costs have dropped enough that instead of doing a price cut and losing extra revenue they throw in a few cheap upgrades that wont hurt profitability and throw out the new model to retain pricepoint and kill off other model as it would drag down costs


Doesn't it say it will revealed before TGS, not launched?

Yeah, it does.

I wonder when this would launch. This holiday is all PS4. They're not let their edge over MS slip of they can help, and splitting efforts to sell Vita would do that. No point in making a half-assed effort, so they may as well just wait until 2014.
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