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Journey to the Savage Planet gets a surprise release on Nintendo Switch

Nov 5, 2016
One Big Room, Full Of Bad Bitches

The exploration-based adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet is out now digitally on Switch, with a physical release coming next month.

As one of the first big releases of the year, Journey to the Savage Planet kicked off 2020 with an experience built all around exploration and discovery. Combining first-person exploration with Metroidvania-style elements, Typhoon Studios’ title offered quite a lot for players on consoles and PC, with the game now available for Nintendo Switch to explore its titular savage planet.


Rock And Roll

Sep 28, 2014
Goddamn I just picked this up for my PS4. If I knew this was coming I probably would have grabbed it on my Switch assuming it didn't run like ass.

I'm a few hours in but loving it. Definitely going to be on my end of the year list.