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Jump Ship (Sea of Thieves x FTL x L4D) reveal trailer...


George Costanza Flirting GIF by MOODMAN

Looks fuckin sick.


Looks interesting definitely going to keep an eye on it. One of my biggest problems with Destiny was never being able to actually fly the ship yourself.
It looks like it has potential. I like games where you just choose missions and go on co-op runs. Much like L4D, or Warframe, or more recently HD2, Lethal Company, and Granblue.

Jinzo Prime

Got a feeling this game won't work as intended. Could be a jank-fest or the mission variety too low, or the netcode falling apart. Guess we shall see.


Looks promising, might kind of bland gameplay but who know in the future. Also the design is kind of fine. Might try it later on


Shooting looks kinda meh in this, it looks ok otherwise. Will depend on what kind of objectives there are and whether upgrading ships is a fully fledged system or not.


Looks unique enough.

But like all games relying on procedural gameplay. How quickly does the seams start to show and it becomes repetitive.
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