Just Cause 3 – New Explosive Screenshots Revealed


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.

Holy crap, that looks awesome.



I want to see some real gameplay, but those screens doesn't look that much more impressive than JC2 on PC.
That's a lot of color saturation, not necessarily a bad thing I suppose. I also see that they adopted the multiple wire tethers that were introduced by BOLOpatch.


Please for the love of everything that is holy make the strong rope and multiple ropes from the Bolo patch of JC2 a feature in the game. It makes the game WAY more fun.


Wingsuit? Game of the forever!

I do hope BOLO SANTIAGO is in there! Looks phenomenal can't wait to make everything explode again. And yes it needs with the JC2 Mod stronger ropes and multiple because it was damn fun!
Is there any information about the releasedate?

God, JC2 was so much fun i can only consider this one of my most anticipated titles for the near future. Give it to me now!


If this game is anywhere near as good as Just Cause 2 then its my game of the year. If its better than Just Cause 2 then it's my game of the generation. If they add in online co op as well then it's my game of the decade.
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