K-Pop Fanboy/Fangirl |OT7| A Great Trash Leader as Always

Dat OP! Honestly the most impressive and concise (which is something no one ever seems to learn) one I've ever seen on GAF.

The playlists are great, will probably keep them on hand, just in case I want to throw out quick recommendations to anyone.

That said, I'll get to putting down some recommendations for the new playlist.

Chicken being those playlists.

I've been lurking in this thread for quite some time, and thought now would be a good time to participate in it.

Really, really great job in the OP!
Goodbye OT6, Thank You For Love indeed <3

And thank you to NNE for the new thread, what an incredible OP. So organised!
Thank you for choosing my thread name <3

Let's go

Time for Cheng Xiao to ditch WJSN and go solo. She deserves the opportunity for success after refusing to parrot the PRC's lies and spew forth its sinocentrism.

I don't think she has an SNS