Kamen Rider Battride War (PS3) announced in Dengeki Playstation [Details]

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Announced in Dengeki Playstation this week:

- Coming out on May 28 2013 for PS3

- 7480yen for the regular edition, 10480yen for the "Premium TV Sound Edition"
- The Premium TV Sound Edition contains 30 extra music tracks from all the various series featured in the game, and can be used as a sort of extra custom soundtrack setting in the game

- It's a Kamen Rider one-versus-many action game, so it's kinda Musou-ish in that sense, but it also has bike action

- You can ride around on the bike and fight enemies, or get down and battle them in person as well

- Looks to include only Heisei series so far

- Form Change is part of the gameplay systems

- The graphics are said to be pretty good, hope that's true

- Kuuga, Agito, Den-O, W, Kabuto, OOO, Fourze, and Wizard are confirmed in the article, and non-lead riders will also be featured in the game, like Kamen Rider Gatack from Kabuto. Lots of characters.




2ch rumor says that this mysterious bandai namco game is actually 'kamen rider musou', which is revealed in this week's famitsu.

I think this is the 'surprise scoop' for this week's famitsu surprise.

-lock if it is old-

edit: it seems like it's pretty much confirmed. May 28, 2013 / PS3


I have assigned to you one day for each year its punishment will last.
The developers of these Musou games must be sitting pretty. Especially after the One Piece games, they're raking in cash.

I just wish they'd upgrade their tech, because a lot of their games look still pretty cheap.