Killzone 3 4-player co-op confirmed


“we do know that Guerrilla is working on a special objective-based 4-man co-op mode to go with the standard 2-player stuff.”
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On-console PS3 show FirstPlay has issued a correction regarding this week's Killzone 3 preview.

It reads: "Unfortunately the Killzone 3 preview contains a piece of erroneous information about a four-player co-op mode which isn't present in the game. It was something that had been rumoured that we mistakenly picked up on as fact. Apologies for that, especially to Guerrilla for whom this has been an annoyance."
This was rumoured before: 25-May-2010

“Guerilla is working on a standard two-player, co-op – as you’d expect – but there’s also an objective-based separate four-player co-op mode in the works, too,” said the mysterious source.

“I’ve also been told that there will be vehicles in the online multiplayer – but I haven’t seen that for myself yet.”

Same source of the rumours also mentioned a May release date which turned out wrong and whether they're just regurgitating those old rumours or if they actually know themselves who knows. But it is an official Sony thing so it's probably true. Gonna wait for a real confirmation myself but it seems very likely.

Hopefully we'll get some footage/details at Gamescom.


erotic butter maelstrom
Very nice but I was expecting them to do this. Co-op is becoming a requirement for action FPS games and it was a glaring omission in KZ2, especially since you almost always had a companion in the campaign mode. An objective co-op mode would be cool, I hope they'll allow people to use the various classes and stuff.

Good news if true, can't wait for this game.
survivor said:
Co-op sounds great. I was hoping it would be campaign co-op but who knows, this might ends up like Spec Ops which is a good thing.
My understanding of the quote is that the 2 player co-op is campaign, while the 4 player co-op is extra content.
Draft said:
Killzone finally goes next-gen. What's this about standard 2P stuff? Full 2P co-op through the campaign?
It damn well better have proper co-op in the campaign mode. Killzone 2 felt like it was build with co-op in mind but it never got implemented, which was a huge shame because I loved the campaign.
Lagspike_exe said:
My understanding of the quote is that the 2 player co-op is campaign, while the 4 player co-op is extra content.
That's even better news if it's true. Now we can have the best of two worlds when it comes to co-op.
Be main campaign coop please. No need for different fancy stuff with unique characters, dialogue, or appearance in cutscenes. Just a clone that appears during gameplay and helps me shoot stuff is enough. Halo 1 style. Separate coop modes like in MW2 or Uncharted 2 do nothing for me.