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Killzone: Shadow Fall |OT| Nothing Stops This Rain


Sep 2, 2010

On planet Vekta, where rival Helghast and Vektan factions are living side by side under an uneasy truce, the answer depends entirely on who you ask. To Chancellor Visari, leader of the displaced Helghast people,
the Vektans are aggressors that must be kept in check by whatever means necessary. To Vektan Security Agency Director Sinclair, the biggest threat to peace is the very presence of the Helghast people.

Sinclair and Visari aren’t the only ones at odds over their plans for planet Vekta. Behind the scenes, forces within each faction have begun warring and conspiring to further their own agendas.
Some, like the extremist splinter group Black Hand, want to force an all-out civil war. Others, like Helghast intelligence operative Echo, are desperately trying to prevent it. As Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan,
you must deal with the escalating hostilities before they envelop the entire planet – but you’ll quickly discover that trust is a scarce resource on Vekta.​

The Black Hand are an emerging threat from the Helghan Sector – a splinter faction of radicals and zealots. Fueled by their anger at the destruction of Helghan in Killzone 3, they’ve sworn revenge against
the “hypocrites of Vekta”, who they believe preach peace and co-existence but practice violence and oppression.​

To exact their revenge, the Black Hand are attempting to force a return to all-out war. This puts them at odds with the government of New Helghan, who seek to avoid another conflict that would inevitably
end in mutually assured destruction. The Black Hand mostly recruit from disgruntled elements with the Helghan military – those furious that their leadership chose to shelter with the Vektans rather than
obliterate them – and take refuge in the slums of New Helghan. Unlike the Helghast army, the Black Hand are an irregular force, specializing in acts of violence and sabotage.
They’re mainly equipped with makeshift gear and weapons – surplus from the Second Extrasolar War – but curiously also possess modern mil-spec gear such as top-of-the-line infiltration projectors.
As Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan, the Black Hand are one more threat you’ll need to deal with to prevent the destabilization of the entire planet.​

The OWL is an advanced hovering attack drone used exclusively by the Shadow Marshals to give them all kinds of tactical abilities in the field. It attaches itself onto the Shadow Marshal’s suit
until he gives it an order.

When damaged, the OWL automatically returns and regenerates health until it receives an order again.

The OWL has several modes you can access via the new PS4 Controller Touch Pad: Attack Mode, Zipline Mode, Stun Mode and Shield Mode.

  • Attack Mode orders the OWL to move to an area and attack anyone within range; alternatively, you can tell it to attack a single enemy directly.
  • Zipline Mode gets the OWL to fire a zipline, allowing the Shadow Marshal to traverse incredibly quickly from point A to B.
  • Stun Mode is similar to Attack Mode, but lets the OWL use up its energy to create an area-of-effect shock blast that turns off all nearby electronics and stuns humanoid enemies within range.
  • Lastly, Shield Mode creates an energy shield right in front of the Shadow Marshal, allowing bullets/projectiles to pass through from his POV but stopping bullets coming in from the other side.

Most of the player mechanics available in the single-player campaign are now also available in multiplayer.
This includes the cover system that allows you to snap in to/lean out of/vault over cover, as well as the sliding mechanic.
In addition, the brutal melee system has been expanded with drop-down melees​

Multiplayer features 22 different weapons, all of them unlocked from the get-go. Your ability to master the weapons is key, as each weapon has very different dynamics.
Weapons can be augmented with up to two different attachment types at once. The number of attachments available for each weapon varies – for example, some guns won’t have
room for a grenade launcher attachment, while others will be compatible with a range of grenade launcher attachments and ammo types.

All weapons are skill-based – there will not be recoil-less or auto-aiming firearms.​

There are 19 different weapon attachments in multiplayer, unlocked by completing specific challenges.
You can use these to extend the functionality of your weapons in a variety ways, from enhanced scopes to new ammo types to secondary fire options.
Adding attachments that complement your playing style can greatly enhance your combat effectiveness.​

There are three distinct classes and 12 unique special abilities in multiplayer.
Each of the classes can be enhanced with up to two special abilities, allowing for some highly specialized playing styles.​

Warzones, with their trademark rotating mission modes, return to multiplayer with supercharged customization features.
There are eight mission modes in total, four of which are new to Killzone.
More importantly, you can customize these modes to your heart’s content and share your favorite settings with the rest of the community.
GG will regularly highlight popular and interesting community-created Warzones for you to try out.​

Unlike previous Killzone games the multiplayer progression in Killzone Shadow Fall isn’t based on XP, but on Challenges.
Completing a challenge adds a point to your rank, and rewards you with weapon attachments as well as enhancements to your abilities and visual identity.
There will be more than 1500 challenges available when the game launches, ranging from straightforward (“Destroy 1 Turret”)
to very specific (“Kill 1 enemy player with Laser Tripmine while they are carrying a Beacon”).​

Combat Honors are temporary bonuses that can be activated by earning enough points during a round.
They’re stackable, and you can unlock as many Combat Honors as you put points into.
They only last as long as your play session, however, meaning you’ll lose all combat honors when you quit playing.
Of course, you can disable Combat Honors in your own Custom Warzones if you like.​

Players can now select the ability to deploy a smart nano-shields that block enemy attacks while allowing allied projectiles through.
The nano-shields can be destroyed or knocked out with EMP weapon attachments, or simply deconstructed when no longer needed.
As with all class abilities, players have the option of disabling nano-shields in their custom Warzones.​

The Spotlight System allows you to celebrate your victory in style.
At the end of each round, players are presented with a brief scene featuring the three top players from the winning side and the top player from the losing side.
One of the winning players gets to select a Spotlight move to celebrate his victory over the losing player.
If he fails to execute the move in time, the losing side has an opportunity to perform a countermove.
The game ships with a wide selection of Spotlight moves, and more will be released after launch.​

In Killzone Shadow Fall, each warzone will have its own leaderboard. This doesn’t just apply to official or featured Warzones, but to custom ones as well.
You can even choose which stats you want the leaderboard to be ranked on when you set up a custom Warzone, to encourage a particular form of play.​

You can add bots to online matches for any Warzone you create.
Human players can replace bots during the match, to ensure that there’s always a consistent amount of players present in the Warzone.
You can even add bots to only one faction, to allow for ‘Bots vs. Humans’ type Warzones.
In offline mode you can still create your own Warzones and play against bots, but you don’t have the ability to complete Challenges.​

Owing to the decision to ensure that custom Warzone presets work on all multiplayer maps,
there will be no Titans falling from the sky or Jetpacks in multiplayer when Killzone Shadow Fall launches.​

  • Online co-op expansion pack
  • Online co-op map packs
  • Two additional multiplayer expansion packs
  • $19.99(US)/£15.99(UK)/€19.99(EU)

GG aims to keep the post-launch multiplayer experience fresh through the frequent release of paid DLC expansion packs that offer new gameplay and customization features.
At the same time, all DLC multiplayer maps will be released free of charge to prevent the player base from becoming fractured.​

Killzone Shadow Fall runs at 60fps at full fucking HD 1080p with a maximum of 24 players (Plus Drones) on a map.
However, framerate drops may happen in extreme situations.​

  • Nano Shields can block enemy attacks while allowing your projectiles through. Activation isn’t instantaneous, though - there's a slight delay as you set it up,
    and you won't be able to wield your weapon during this period. After activation you have to wait until the shield is destroyed or dismantled before you can place a new one.
  • Spawn Beacons are comig back, and the Support Class has the ability to place them almost anywhere in the map (like Killzone 2’s Spawn Grenades),
    but it takes a while to set them up (like Killzone 3’s Tactical Spawn Points).
    Spawn Beacons can be destroyed by any class, although some weapons will yield quicker results than others.
  • Rocket launchers aren’t secondary weapons like they were for certain classes in Killzone 3. Instead, grenade launchers and rocket launchers will be available
    as attachments for the heavier primary weapons. This means less weapon switching in the heat of battle.
  • For those who prefer their Warzones tried-and-tested, there will be default Warzones to play in.
    In addition, Guerrilla will frequently try out and highlight new and interesting custom Warzones created by the community.
    Both types of Warzones will be easily accessible from inside the game.
  • To emphasize true skill and prevent players from artificially boosting their stats, custom Warzone games featuring bots
    will not count towards completing challenges in the Progression System.
  • Custom Warzones can be private games that only you and friends can play. This is particularly useful if you want to train in a less competitive environment,
    or if your custom Warzone is a work in progress that you’re not ready to share with the community yet.

Killzone Shadow Fall has dedicated servers hosted in various regions around the world.
These servers do not run the logic of the game – they only act as a hub between the clients, forwarding network traffic from one player in game to all other players in game.
This allows people with a slower connection or strict firewall settings to play without issues.
Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4, with only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic)
running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality.​

Killzone Shadow Fall will have colorblind support options that can be activated from the options menu.​

Assault players can usually be found at the forefront of battle, heading the offensive. With five punch-packing primary weapons to choose from, they can overwhelm their enemies with sheer firepower.
Don’t overlook their defensive potential, either – the primary ability of the Assault Class is the Nano Shield, which allows players to deploy a temporary energy screen that block enemy attacks while
letting allied projectiles through.​

In addition to the primary Nano Shield ability, Assault players can choose one of three secondary abilities:

  • Speed Dash
    The Speed Dash ability lets Assault players move faster for a short amount of time. It is very useful for seizing the initiative during mission modes where speed is of the essence, such as Search & Destroy.
    It can also be used to beat a hasty retreat when ammo supplies and health run low.
  • Stun Blast
    The Stun Blast ability temporarily stuns and blinds nearby enemies, making them easier to target. It is ideal for quickly turning the tables when faced with a particularly resilient opponent, or for situations
    where enemies are attacking from multiple directions.
  • Buddy Drone
    The Buddy Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that automatically attacks nearby enemies. As such, it works as an effective counter against impending brutal melee attacks. The Buddy Drone can be
    customized with skins.

The primary ability of the Support Class is the Revive Drone, which deploys a hovering medical robot that can resuscitate critically wounded comrades. Dying team mates who accept medical treatment
and are successfully revived will receive full health with additional ammo and a temporary 25% health boost. They also avoid losing a life and having to start over from the spawn point – which can make all
the difference during intense matches, particularly in custom Warzones with limited lives turned on.​

Unlike the Assault and Scout players, which both have three secondary abilities to choose from, the Support players can choose from five secondary abilities:

  • Air Support Drone
    The Air Support Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that protects the area indicated by the Support player and unleashes minigun fire on any enemies that get close.
  • Spawn Beacon
    The Spawn Beacon ability sets up a temporary in-field spawn point for team mates. Spawn Beacons can be placed almost anywhere in the map, but it takes a while to install them and they’re vulnerable to enemy fire.
  • Turret
    The Turret ability deploys a sentry turret that will automatically target enemies in its forward facing field of view. While not indestructible, sentry turrets are ideal for guarding choke points and defending
    mission-critical areas.
  • Supply Box
    This ability lets Support Class players set up a Supply Box, which team members can use to stock up on health and ammo. The box can be destroyed by enemy players.
  • Support Teleport:
    The Support Teleport ability allows Support Class players to teleport directly to a team mate in need of medical or tactical assistance. The teleportation device has a lengthy recharge time after each use.

Scout players excel at catching the enemy unaware, biding their time until they see an opportunity to strike – either from very far away, or from very nearby. Armed for long-distance takedowns and clean,
efficient kills, Scout players are usually difficult to spot in battle until it’s too late. Their stealth capabilities are further enhanced by the Cloak ability, which renders them all but invisible at a distance
when activated. The new phase-shifting tech used for the Cloak ability does have its limits, though; it can only be used in conjunction with a combat knife, as larger weapons will disrupt the effect.

In addition to the primary Cloak ability, Scout players can choose from one of three secondary abilities:

  • Tactical Echo
    The Tactical Echo ability lets Scout players send out a radar pulse that temporarily highlights all enemy troops and automata within range – even other Scouts using the Cloak ability.
    This information is then relayed to allied HUDs and radars.
  • Emergency Teleport
    Based on the same technology that lets Spawn Beacons to teleport troops into battle, the Emergency Teleport ability allows Scout players to teleport to a random part of the map when they run into trouble.
    However, the teleportation device has a lengthy recharge time.
  • Stun Drone
    The Stun Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that waits in an area until it detects an enemy nearby.
    When attacking, it flies directly at the enemy and detonates an E-Pulse that temporarily blinds and stuns them.


Ein Bear

Mar 10, 2011
Oh fuck me it's actually happening, isn't it?

The hyyyyyyyyype!!

Great job on the OT, Radec, this is my most anticipated launch game by far. Can't wait for the multiplayer, hope it lives up to KZ2.


Unconfirmed Member
Great OT. My hype for this game has been rapidly growing over the past few weeks.


Jun 12, 2013
In on 1!!!

Hopefully my kids birth goes smoothly and I snag this and a ps4 before December. Thankfully, WalMart is holding pre orders til like Dec 12th or something.


Nov 21, 2012
Can't wait to get my PS4! Already preordered this on the PSN Store. Will play thru SP first, then maining Support in MP.

Red Chocobo

Jan 9, 2013
I recently started Killzone 3, in anticipation. I forgot how good it was. Doesn't get the recognition it deserves.


Dec 18, 2007
After Mercenary .. itching for more Killzone! Well done OP. It's ... It's beautiful!


Aug 16, 2009
It feels real now. Next Gen OT's are upon us. ONE WEEK OUT!


Jan 30, 2013
So excited!!

That KZ3 cover reminds me, does KZ SF have snowy areas? Would love to see great next gen snow tech.

But if they can't get the rain right...
Damn, just remembered we EU peasants have to wait till the 29th.


Dec 21, 2010
Great OT, gonna take some time to read all this later. Gotta admit i did smile at the topic title too.


Dec 28, 2012
Holy shit awesome OT for the start of next gen! Who's gonna be online in multiplayer with this baby at midnight on the 15th?


Loves the Greater Toronto Area
Jun 18, 2004
I fucking hate dual analog console shooters.

this game looks so gorgeous.

I'm hoping between KZ:SF and DS4 I'll finally be converted. At least as a viable option to kb+m.

Also hoping my 15Mb connection will get me going quickly from my PSN download. lol... c'mon Sony, don't let me down!!!

edit - first next gen thread. omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!

poor Wii U :(


Jun 29, 2011
Wonderful OT title. Looking forward to hearing your reactions even though I am not getting a PS4. Hope the game turns out well for you.

Also... I am going to need your direct capture screens for the inevitable Crysis 3 vs KZSF thread I will make :D