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Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja interview, Hyrule Warriors creation, wants Star Wars Musou


May 30, 2013
Hyrule Warriors

Backed by a growing group of Western fans and a clever choice of franchise collaborations, a distinctly Japanese game series is slowly building itself a worldwide audience. Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors (or "Musou") franchise now boasts nearly 40 incarnations, including team-ups with names as well known as Nintendo.

Originally a hack and slash series set on the front lines of feudal Japan, Dynasty Warriors has spread its wings and shared its formula of tactical battlefield domination to fit numerous other settings. But while collaborations with the Gundam or One Piece franchises may feed an already rabid Japanese fanbase, Dynasty Warriors is now making a play for serious global fame with last week's launch of the Legend of Zelda-themed Hyrule Warriors.

This latest Musou mash-up is a collaboration between Omega Force, Koei Tecmo's main Dynasty Warriors arm, and the top brains behind Nintendo's Zelda series, with Metroid: Other M studio Team Ninja helping on development duties. It's a love letter to the Zelda series but also a bright and colourful storefront for the Dynasty Warriors franchise itself, and overall a fine balance of the two series. "This is, if not the best Musou game yet, then certainly the most approachable and textured," Simon Parkin wrote in Eurogamer's recent Hyrule Warriors review. So how did this collaboration come about?

"Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have been close for a while, and we were talking about what we could do with the Wii U, what kind of new experience could we put out there," Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi told Eurogamer during an interview at Tokyo Games Show. "Through those talks, the idea of combining the Warriors series and Zelda came together. Eiji Aonuma [Nintendo's Zelda series director] was a supervisor from there on in, and it was a very close working relationship. The reaction has been good - Zelda fans are really enjoying it."

But while the final product appears to have been well received, the project itself went through a drastic change during the early stages of development. Omega Force's first idea for the game would have made it something quite different - rather than a Zelda-flavoured Dynasty Warriors game, the team initially began building the opposite.

"Zelda is obviously a huge IP and for us as Japanese gamers, not just developers... well, everyone loves Zelda," Koei Tecmo exec and Omega Force leader Akihiro Suzuki said, explaining that having been given the keys to one of Nintendo's most iconic franchises, trying to make something as Zelda-like as possible was just too much to resist. "It's at the bottom of our hearts and is part of the roots of our gaming experience."

"The Zelda series is of course a really beloved, legendary series," Hayashi agreed. "It's always amongst people's favourite games. We, as fans, were also looking at that, and saying okay - let's make a Zelda game!"

and regarding Star Wars

One dream shared by both Koinuma and Suzuki would be to create a Dynasty Warriors game in a very specific universe, or galaxy.

"It's a personal opinion but I'd love to work with Star Wars one day, if I got the chance," Suzuki chuckled. Koinuma separately agreed. "Without any restrictions or anything, the ideal dream would be to work on Star Wars," he said. It feels like something that has definitely been discussed amongst team members - even if it was just down the pub.


more through the link

I really want Star Wars Musou now.


Gilgamesh Fan Annoyance
Mar 18, 2012
Star Wars Musou would be amazing.


They already ruined Princess Zelda and "Princess" Samus, leave Princess Leia alone!

On the contrary many of HW character designs are the best I've seen in the Zelda franchise.


Feb 5, 2007
Not anywhere
Sengoku Vader is ready.



Apr 29, 2014
Oh man... Star Wars musou would be nice :)

Hoth and Endor stages with Tauntauns and Speeder Bikes replacing the horses of the DW games... could be fun.

James Scott

May 24, 2014
I guess star wars musou makes sense. Jedis with light sabers fighting 100s of clone troopers and usimg force powers as specials


Dec 12, 2006
I've never met anyone who has ever enjoyed these Dynasty Warrior games. I legit have no idea who keeps buying these games to warrant so many sequels.