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Kojima will no longer be a Konami executive from April 1st + KojiPro is no more?

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Be on the look out for any screens from the game where he's being choked or shot at with the caption "Help."


I know that thinking about this doesn't do much good right now, but Kojima and Sony are a match made in heaven. Kojima can use being under the umbrella of a big-publisher, Sony is in need of stepping their Japanese development up, and both have a thing for creative freedom. When you consider how vocal Kojima has been on wanting to work on something else, and how Sony allows cases like The Last Guardian to even exist (in addition to be one of the most diverse catalogues of "experimental" titles), I think both would enjoy each other's company.

And let's face it: Kojima has made more than enough Metal Gear games. Letting the man go where he wants and pressuring Konami to stop resting on their dependance on him can only do good for the industry. Maybe Metal Gear will become different (possibly worse), but there's little that can be done. Kojima's MG Saga had its run.

This only means one thing. Peter Molyneux will take reigns of the MGS franchise.

Or that Kojima will sign a three project deal with Sony and put a closure on TLG's development.
Why is everyone cool with Sony buying them but if was another company, this place would burn down.


removing his name from every game seems very disrespectful

Not to mention stupid, since it devalues them. They had some kind of stake on Kojima's history as a creative director, and by erasing the name, they are just throwing it away.


This is fucking crazy to think about. Konami to be a fitness club company only now after Metal Gear is released?
Just updated the OP too. It's definitely thread worthy. Something is going on, and Konami's non-response and "wait for more announcements" is pretty telling.

Seriously though, Kojima unbound by the shackles of Konami bullshit? Count me the fuck in


So i guess this is why he stopped posting food pics? depression made him not hungry?

and all the chopper pics... he flying away? did he know the whole time?

KojiPro LA is not Konami LA.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
Highly likely!

They probably also bought the Half Life franchise from VALVe and Hideo is currently making HL3 for Nintendo NX as I type this.

They'll also publish The Last Guardian, reworked for 3DS. And the next Shenmue? A Nintendo game for mobile platforms! The megatons are dropping at a furious rate!
Because we wouldn't have been able to play a game like MGS if it weren't for him in the first place and erasing his name just because he's leaving?!
thats just disgusting.

No i mean why delete his name ?

Japanese usually shows respects to the creator.

Why is everyone cool with Sony buying them but if was another company, this place would burn down.

Miyamoto , Sakurai and Kojima are good buddies right ???


Kojima was pretty much the last person keeping Konami relevant, so I don't really see this as a bad thing. If all this is really leading to something, I'm glad that we're finally seeing Kojima follow up on his ultimate desire to let go of Metal Gear.

Rumors this morning started circulating that Hideo Kojima has left Konami after the firm released a new executive appointment form which no longer listed Kojima as Executive Content Officer. And now, Metal Gear Solid 5 ha s anew Twitter account and website.

While we’re not sure what’s going on, and held off on posting anything on the matter until Konami got back with us, a statement was sent to Videogamer:

“Konami Digital Entertainment, including Mr. Kojima, will continue to develop and support Metal Gear products. Please look forward to future announcements.”

No i mean why delete his name ?

Japanese usually shows respects to the creator.

That isn't entirely true, its very rare. The typically Japanese work mentality is the company is typically gets the glory, workers just help that. Kojima is one of few who broke out above that.
This is probably worse than IGA leaving Konami.

Konami is really going downhill, don't they?

Probably? There ain't no "probably" about it. This is monumental. Not having Kojima at Konami is like not having Miyamoto at Nintendo. Actually, way worse than that since Nintendo has plenty of very talented designers that have a huge legacy at the company.
I'm assuming part of this has to do with Kojima actually wanting to finally end the Metal Gear series and obviously that won't sit well with Konami. Understandably it's the company's biggest cash cow, there's no way they'd let it go. They've likely taken over complete control of the IP.

This was bound to happen eventually. Hideo can't work on the series until his death.

Now he can make his Mighty No. 9 equivalent: "Steel Cog Rigid".


wants to fuck an Asian grill.
KojiPro does not stand for Kojima Productions.

What it does stand for is Kollection of Japanese Interactive Products Renamed Overtly.

Everything you have done here has been scripted. An orchestrated recreation of a game franchise.
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