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Clickbait Cringe (Kotaku) Mother Reunited With Deceased Daughter In VR Show


Mar 26, 2013
As a parent losing a child is probably the worst thing that can happen to you ..I can see losing a grip on reality really quickly . I'd probably never want to take it off

"Last week, a Korean TV special called Meeting You aired which focused on a family’s loss of their seven year-old daughter. And in an unsettling finale, the program attempted to reunite the girl with her mother using a virtual reality recreation, complete with audio.

You can see it below. Not only was the girl fully replicated in 3D, able to move around and interact, but the mother was given touch-sensitive gloves to accompany her VR headset, and she was able to walk around a limited greenscreen set.

Within the confines of this moment, these fleeting few minutes, I have no idea if this was an ultimately positive experience for this mother, and so don’t want to speak for her personal feelings or try to imagine what she felt interacting like this. Being able to see her daughter one last time might help her in her grieving process. Having some code pretend to be a living thing that she loved might only add to the trauma. Only time, and research, will tell.

This is one of those things that I thought we had another 5-10 years to get ready for, maybe form some kind of means of reacting or responding to. The uncanny valley is something we still struggle with when it comes simply to entertainment, we’re definitely not equipped to be tackling the same issues with loved ones.

Were this something that could have been done behind closed doors then maybe we could (and now will have to) argue the psychological and ethical merits of such an exercise. But putting it on TV, and then the internet, for the world to see? Whatever the long-term moral and ethical questions are that we’re going to have to face, this is extremely fucked up."



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Jan 1, 2020
I'm sorry but now this thing will become addicting to the mother and for that the pain will get worse with time

this is wrong .. I know the feeling of the loss but this is not right
Yes! Like sigarettes or some ocd thing
It can give u relief for not having to sit through whatever you’re going through

This thing is anti life.

How are you going to protect future generations from this shit? Since they already normalize it in school


Jan 7, 2018
Not going to judge unless something that is in its infancy. And until I see reports where more and more keep addicting to it. Agree that it should have done in private though.
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May 12, 2009
This is one of those things that I thought we had another 5-10 years to get ready for, maybe form some kind of means of reacting or responding to.
As the tech becomes democratized, and this becomes easier and easier to do ... man. This is some Black Mirror shit.


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Jan 1, 2011
Geez I lost a brother about 6 years ago and would pay any price to see him again but not this way, this is just hard to watch.
Nov 6, 2019
In Google Earth VR you can travel back in time to your home nearly ten years in the past and relive a day. Seeing my home in 2012, it was a sunny morning and the owners of the cars in front of my house were still alive.


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Feb 7, 2019
It sounds like some very impressive tech, and if it helps the mother grieve than good for her, but I would be concerned that it would ultimately keep her from getting real closure in her life...

Seems borderline psychologically dangerous...