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Krafton To Continue Major IP Investments Despite The Callisto Protocol Setback


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Krafton, the publisher of PUBG and The Callisto Protocol, stated in its 2023 strategic employee meeting that the company is committed to growing its portfolio of major gaming IPs and enhancing its global publishing capabilities, as well as investing in Web3 and deep learning (per Eurogamer).

"We remain steadfast in our ultimate vision to secure and expand powerful game-based IPs," CEO CH Kim said, describing the major cornerstones the company needs to focus on in pursuing this vision. He defined those cornerstones as organizational innovation, strengthening publishing capabilities, and investing in future projects, in addition to seeking out second-party publishing opportunities that could bolster Krafton's existing lineup of games and drive more investments.

Kim also believes there is merit to investing in web3 and deep learning, as "reshap(ing) gaming in the years ahead" is one of Krafton's goals, and he thinks this technology will help make that possible. "Growth in these areas cannot be guaranteed without investment, and that it is worth advancing into these technology verticals as they are closely related to game production technology, which is one of Krafton's core competencies," Kim added to elaborate the significance of immediate investment, if the company wants to secure a future in these fields on the long run.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The South Korean video game holding company Krafton has confirmed that it is set to open a brand-new AAA studio in Canada. The studio will be called Krafton Montreal Studio and will employ 150 workers in order to develop a new IP. The studio will be led by Patrik Methe, and he will be joined by other industry veterans such as Benoit Frappier, Frederic Duroc, and Martin Paradis in this endeavor.

Krafton Montreal Studio's first project will be titled The Bird That Drinks Tears, and will be an adaption of a highly acclaimed series of novels that share the same title. These novels were written by Yeong-do Lee, an author who is widely credited for pioneering the genres of Korean fantasy and science-fiction. No word has been given yet on Lee's involvement with this adaption of his work, however given that he is responsible for creating elaborate worlds filled with layered, complex characters, Krafton will likely be looking to bring him on board.

Alongside the official announcement of the new studio and the project being worked on, Krafton also revealed that it has been working on the adaption of The Bird That Drinks Tears since 2021. In addition, CEO of Krafton CH Kim also gave a statement to go alongside the announcement:

“We are thrilled to open our first Canadian AAA studio in Montréal, one of the world’s top cities for video game production. The local pool of creative and specialized talent is impressive, and we hope that many will join our team. KRAFTON Montréal Studio will be our third studio in North America, and we have found a great leader in Patrik who has extensive experience bringing franchises to new heights.”
Patrik Methe, recently announced as head of Krafton Montreal Studio, also made a statement:

“Our team is currently made up of seasoned talents with a proven track record of successful games. We share a common goal: to deliver the finest adaptation of the novel and to provide an exceptional experience to gamers. As a fan of medieval fantasy since my teenage years, I’m excited to bring to life a fantasy masterpiece as an ambitious and memorable game. We couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of the KRAFTON family.”


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Callisto was way better than I expected reading reviews. Two friends of mine also played it, and both like it and finished it. And they are no fans of horror games like me. I think game was underrated for not being better than Dead Space. It's like if reviewers can't view the game as isolated from the quality of Dead space and then tend to be extremely hard to evidenciate that difference in quality.
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