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Latest UE5 info (Fest Online 2020) on Nanite, Lumen and more


Mar 23, 2015
More detailed info on the UE5 engine, the new technologies such as Nanite and Lumen as well as a deeper look at the May Demo. The incredible stuff show here are truly a giant next gen leap it's a great showcases of what the next gen games can look like in about 1-2 years from now.

Most interesting parts of the video:
10:00 - Nanite, Virtualized Geometry, pixel sized polygons. Tech easily runs at 60fps on PS5.
16:40 - Lumen, Realtime baseless Global Illumination. Tech is currently running at 30fps but is aiming or 60fps on PS5.
30:45 - A deeper look at the UE5 Demo.
42:36 - Deeper look at working with Lumen in realtime in UE editor.

Dates: UE5 Early preview 2021, Release date late 2021.
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