LEFT 4 DEAD -- Revealed (For JPN Nesica Arcade systems)


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So while Japanese devs/pubs are starting to expand on Steam, Valve decided to take its place in the Japanese arcade market.


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I wonder if they'll have an animated opening to the game?
That's a great question. The original's opening cinematic was so iconic for my kids and I, I can't imagine replacing it.Sadly, I can't imagine it making the transition unscathed. This is going to be such a different experience.
I'd still love to try the HL2 arcade games. A modern (well, kinda modern lol) first person shooter with an arcade game's structure sounds cool to me.
... I was secretly hoping that it would be reskinned as a "Highschool of the Dead" game when I read the threads title. Oh, I love you so much Japan.
So its 2 girls and 2 guys in the arcade version?

Hope someone can get somehow the models and voice to put as a mod in the pc version...Or who knows, valve itself heh.
BTW there was something about the arcade machine for this game in Square Enix's financial documents that got released a few days ago. Dunno if you guys saw that..