Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - An Open World Adventure (Game Maker's Toolkit)

I like the idea that from the moment you wake in BotW to when you finally fight Ganon, it's a quest of preparing for that fight. IGN's NVC podcast said the game is a quest of confidence, and it's really what sets BotW apart from so many other games, even previous Zelda games.

It's also interesting how that preparation is done through honing your actual skill and knowledge in the world fighting the creatures that just destroy you at first, and not through grinding XP or other notions of progress we often get from games. Granted, you start to find much better weapons, better gear, new abillites, and learn how to cook better meals as you progress, but it's ultimately all additional safety nets so Link can take down Ganon. The game was made with someone going straight to the final boss in mind, but that few would do that and be able to win.

Not only is that pretty cool from a gameplay standpoint, but narratively, it means the Link you can play as is either this bad ass that was hit by a lucky shot and goes straight to Ganon to finish what he started, ignoring the advice of many who think Ganon is too powerful to take him alone, or Link is this young swordsman that wasn't ready at the time and even stronger more capable warriors were defeated by Ganon as well, but with the right amount of preparation, Link can finally achieve the power he needed to defeat this incredible evil.