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Sep 16, 2007
Chicago, IL
Welcome, once again, to another new thread!

Make sure you take a glance at the rules so we can keep this wonderful thread going.

1. Be respectful. This can be hard at times, but keep the serious flaming and hating to an absolute minimum. This is a supportive and safe thread (unless ur dumb then get out okay).

2. No straight up naked pictures of men, unless clearly marked and hidden. Near-nude/underwear pictures should probably be kept to a minimum. I'm not 100% sure of the exact ruling on this, but let's try to keep the nude pictures above the crotch, okay?

Although this thread centers around LGB people and issues, everyone is welcome to post and comment in the thread, regardless of whether you are LGB or not. Feel free to post about anything from coming out experiences, to just complaining about that cute guy across the classroom who's Facebook says he's straight, but keeps making eyes at you.

It Gets Better
The Trevor Project

Want to get to know your fellow GayGAFfers?

There's a couple ways to do this!

1. Tinygaf!

The Tinychat room is for anyone and everyone, but it's often occupied by a bunch of GayGAF folks, so stop in and chat with us about anything and everything! The room is open to non-GAFfers as well, so if anyone's harassing you or you're just having a bad time, let a mod know, and we'll take care of it. (Mods have gold stars next to their names)

2. Skype!

You can add me on skype at technicolor.sai, and I can add you to the GayGAF chatroom we have set up! It's been a little slow as of late, so new faces would be nice to see. One thing: I am going to ask that only LGB GAFfers add me. As much as I like the straight ones, the Skype chat's an even safer space for people to chat, and talk about things they might not be able to here.

If anyone's got any neat banners or art, or info they'd like me to put in the OP, shoot me a PM or post it here! :)

Additionally: If you wanna discuss something or you have a question but can't (for whatever reason) post in this thread, feel free to PM me, and I can post in this thread for you (anonymously, obviously). Seriously, for any reason! All folks are welcome to PM me :)

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