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LTTP: Asteroids (Atari) Review


Aug 21, 2020
Alright guys and gals

found another hidden gem and wanted to give my thoughts

asteroids. Fantastic game. One of the better games I’ve played.

Alright, so you’re a triangle. Doing triangle things and living life the best way you can. Now you see octagon shapes moving into your backyard

We don’t want them in that backyard. So we project white square blocks at them. If your white square block makes contact with the octagon shape invaders it will go away

You must make all the octagons go away by your white square blocks.

You’re free to move around in your triangle way you move and fire your white square blocks as often as you wish

It’s a fun game that gets challenging the more octagons you make disappear.

Took me 27 hours to complete this game. Some speed runners complete it in under 9 seconds. But I like to take it all in and enjoy the game for what it offers.

Oh. If any octagon shape hits your triangle, your in turn disappear. Which is bad. The goal is never to disappear but at the same time make them all disappear by your square blocks

This game may very well change gaming and be one of the greats. Excited to see what these young developers do with this game from here.

My overall score = 9.1 out of 10