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LTTP - State of Decay 2: Oddly addictive, but extremely repetitive


Dec 27, 2018
This game is repetitive as can be, and yet it is addicting scavenging around for stuff. I'm not quite sure how Undead Labs got away with calling this game a sequel, since it seems like a carbon copy of the first game (other than a different area), but I guess if it's not broke don't fix it.

I'm only a couple hours into the game, but what's there is pretty good. I wish Undead Labs would have put more time and love into this game, specifically into graphics, lighting, and optimization. The game is not a looker by any means, which is why it surprises me I'm getting framerate drops in, down from 120 fps to <100 fps. I'm playing it on PC, and using a RTX 3080 coupled with a R9 5900x.

After seeing the trailer for State of Decay 3, and how good it looked (yes it's a trailer, and not representative of the end product), I'm hoping Undead Labs puts a bit more work into the graphics. I think this series could be great, especially if it's going to be Microsoft's only ZOMBIE series (now that the Dead Rising series has been put to rest).
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Nov 21, 2019
Yep, it's basically the first one a little more polished.

I enjoyed the first one a lot (even though it was extremely rough).... However, this one was too much of the same for me so I only played a couple of hours.

I also hope that the sequel will be a lot better, I hope that they add new stuff and try different things. By the video released the art seems a lot better and I hope that they work hard in making things more fluid, SD2 has some weird jank that didn't annoy me on the first one...
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