LTTP: X-Men Apocalypse - OPEN SPOILERS

I found it interesting a film that trashes a holocaust site amongst a number of interesting ideas could manage to be so consistently dull and bland in execution.
Is the girl that played Jean Grey normally that bad, that was the first time I ever seen her in anything.

Know who was the real MVP? Storm's actress, she took the little they gave her and sold it like her life depended on it
My thing with the X-men movie is that we never see the team actually be a team. When they do all come together its either looks very bad in terms of fighting or the cock tease them about to do awesome shit then don't show it. Last scene of apocalypse they actually had their gear but guess what were never going to see them fight sentinels. Moving into the dark phoenix Saga so fast its like i barely even know the characters, cyclops definately got room to breathe in apocalypse but where already at a major arc in the next movie which probably has no build up.
The thing this movie did was for me to not give a rats ass about any of the younger characters. Now I'm gonna watch a Dark Phoenix movie without any care of what happens to Jean Grey or Cyclops lol. I'm gonna watch the next movie and not care if any of the X-Men dies or even lives at all.

"I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond human"

"I am the rocks of the eternal shore, crash against me and be broken"

"Evil? I am not malevolent. I simply am."

"I bring the purity of oblivion to your world".

Man where were these quotes in the movie? Would have saved the movie for me if he just kept saying ridiculous things.
They only had the one good scene with his disabling the nukes.

"You may fire your arrows from the tower of Babel, but you will never strike god"
My favorite shit talking, super witty shape shifting villain is turned into somebody who's eyes go white? Oscar Isaac deserved better.
I was a compositor on the movie, and his eyes weren't always white. Like a few weeks before delivery they requested we go back and add the white to his eyes. In just about every shot with him in it. It was ridiculous.
I think this is the biggest strike against the movie. Cyclops' first scene when he gets his powers was pretty good, but that's about it. The movie would've been better if it was smaller and really fleshed out Jean, Cyclops, and Kurt. Even their moment to do that was overshadowed by a Wolverine cameo that was clearly added in reshoots.

And then the marketing tried to play up this "Choose a side" angle like we were getting some Captain America: Civil War-like moral dilemma. No...Apocalypse is a genocidal maniac.
Guessing they're trying to ride the waves of bvs and civil war