Mafia 3 PC performance thread


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Jul 30, 2009
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(Click for general game info.)

System requirements:

Latest drivers: (as at 21/12/2017)
Nvidia: 388.71
AMD: 17.12.2
Intel: Depends on your processor; download the driver update utility

GameGPU (Russian; 09/10/16 build)
Guru3D (English; 09/10/16 build)
PC Games Hardware (German; 09/10/16 build)

Tips and tricks:
Cap the framerate/potentially improve frametimes: Download RivaTuner Statistics Server, input your desired framerate limit in the "Framerate limit" box, and hit enter (the program comes bundled with MSI Afterburner and earlier versions of EVGA PrecisionX). Alternatively, those with an Nvidia GPU have the option of Nvidia Inspector, which can also be used to impose a framerate cap, either in a similar manner to RTSS or by way of forcing a different vsync interval (click the small tool icon to open the game profile section).
Note: Useful if you your system can't maintain, say, 60fps and you're sensitive to the wild fluctuations, or you're experiencing uneven frametimes. The greater window the engine has to render a given frame, if you're imposing a lower framerate than the game can otherwise provide, may also help in alleviating stuttering related to data streaming.
Stop the game from crashing after 15 minutes on touch-capable systems running Windows 10: Open the task manager, switch to the Services tab and disable TabletInputService.
Run the game in a borderless window: Use the aptly-named Borderless Gaming program. See here for a usage guide.
Note: You can purchase the program on Steam for USD$4 or your regional equivalent if you're feeling charitable.
Reduce the amount of blur imposed by post-processing effects: Use SweetFX to sharpen the final image. There are couple of presets available: one that also adjusts the game's colour correction and another that doesn't.
Toggle HUD: Use this LUA script. (Credit to KNGR @ Mafia Mods via The Janitor.)
Enable free-form camera: Download the Mafia 3 version of the Injectable Generic Camera System. See the included readme for usage instructions. (Credit to OtisInf via Lime.)

When posting your own tip/trick or something else you'd like to see here in the OP, be sure to mention my username as this way the post will appear among the results when I search for my username after an absence. I may miss your suggestion otherwise.

Graphics settings:
Brightness: Self-explanatory
Resolution: Self-explanatory
FPS: 30; 60; Unlimited
Depth of field: Off/On
Field of view: 55 -> 90 in increments of 1
Global quality preset: Low; Medium; High; Optimal; Custom
Fullscreen: Self-explanatory (no borderless window support)
V-sync: Off/On (double-buffer)
Ambient occlusion: Low; Medium; High
Motion blur: Off/On
Geometry detail: Low; Medium; High
Shadow quality: Low; Medium; High
Reflection quality: Low; Medium; High
Volumetric effects: Low; Medium; High
Anti-aliasing: Low; Medium; High (seemingly TAA)
Screen borders: Self-explanatory
Jun 7, 2013
Going to guess that Steam Guard thing is what's blocking my VPN attempts. How do you go about switching to an email based one again after using 2 step?

Edit: NVM found it.


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Feb 15, 2013
It sounds silly but out of all the issues a PC version of a modern big publisher game can have I genuinely didn't think a fucking Mafia game being locked to 30fps would be one of them. Especially when the first two were damn good on PC.

What the fuck are you playing at Hangar 13.