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Man Cannot Live on Nintendo Alone?


Nov 14, 2014
Why would it lose support of Japanese 3rd parties that are currently on 3DS? I am talking Sega/Atlus, Level-5, Capcom, Square Enix, and many smaller Japanese companies. If anything I can see some of the more niche publishers move from Vita to Switch and have PS4/PC/Switch releases vs PS4/PC or Vita/PC or PS4/Vita.

I don't see Western publishers embracing Switch though. It's all going to start with declarations of support (although EA is pretty much not there) and it's going to end as usual in a year or two with the exception of Ubisoft, whoever does Lego games (Warner?), and Activision peddling some of their usual fares.

Actually, it might replace both if it's successful enough. They are basically pulling a DS-like "third pillar" fairy tale. If Switch fails, 3DS line continues like nothing ever happened. If it doesn't, 3DS line gets quietly discontinued. My 2 cents.

Nintendo is moving to ARM architecture. Nothing is stopping them from releasing Switch in handheld form with smaller screen, handheld mode only (maybe with TV out) and it could even have clamshell form factor if they wish. The key is that it would utilize the same OS, same games would play on it and it would use same dev framework since the difference would be at most between say Samsung Galaxy Phone and Samsung Galaxy Tablet (pick the model of each as you wish).