Media Create Sales: Week 37, 2015 (Sep 07 - Sep 13)


Jan 19, 2013
Media Create:

New3DS LL 19,811
Vita 19,471
Wii U 16,033
PS4 8,375
New3DS 4,672
PS3 2,411
3DS 1,527
Vita TV 739
Xbox One 737
3DS LL 729

151k for Pokémon


El Capitan Todd
Sep 2, 2011
Ōkami;179912723 said:
No, they release digital estimates once per month, but digital isn't included on the weekly.
Download cards sold at retail are included in Famitsu, on the other hand. Not saying that this is the reason of the gap in this very case, btw.
Jan 25, 2014
I can't tell if that's good or not for Vita. On the one hand it's up a fair bit on the back of colours and a load of games which appeal to the existing fanbase, but on the flip side I was expecting a little more.

Wonder if the trickle of software we're getting over the coming weeks will keep it level.
1.) Monster Strike
2.) Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light
3.) Final Fantasy: Record Keeper
4.) Puzzle & Dragons

You might have to log in to get non-delayed charts.

You can hover over the links to get most names in English in the chart, but you have to click on quite a few to get readable English instead of English versions of Katakana.

Jul 9, 2012
No, AA5 didn't have one, and neither AAT had one (it was already sold at a budget price after all). Budget releases are going to affect newer properties (as DGS can be seen) because the fanbase might reluctant to jump to a spin-off at full price - or they sell well when there's some cross-media promotion (e.g. anime). We have also to remember that the game was highly supply constrained shortly after the launch and this of course had an effect on sales.
I'm not as optimistic as you are for the budget rerelease but fair point.

However the supply constraint argument is getting old and only worked for a few weeks after release, any person who wanted to buy the game one way or another (retail, digital or used market) had more than enough time to do so by now (eg. the high digital ratio for August)
If there really was a huge stock problem we should have seen a spike in sales by now as new shipments hit the shelves (in fact you could say the 6th week "hold" may be because of that), and yet sales are dropping at the usual pace

Media Create numbers

2nd week: -82%
3rd week: -60%
4th week: -36%
5th week: -35%
6th week: -1%
7th week: -50%
8th week: from rank 19 to 29
9th week from rank 29 to 35
10th week: from rank 35 to 38
For 11th week Dengeki don't have it in top 50 (it was 43 in 10th week)

That maybe anecdotal too, but the game price didn't skyrocket or anything whether for new or used copies (~4.000-4.500yens) for what I saw in stores in various cities at the end of August/early September (which would be 9th and 10th week).