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Media Create Sales: Week 4, 2016 (Jan 25 - Jan 31)

Silent Chief

Oct 17, 2014
It is speculated about shortages in Wii U CPU's production. Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd. supplies pieces for Wii U hardware and it seems, they are having problems to deliver them.
It's not cost effective to maintain a chip line if you're not selling enough. Usually they ask for a huge premium or a last-time buy.
It's based on the PowerPC 750 which nobody is making anymore. Not in the ATCA format anyway... I've had to move some products to Freescale Book-E because of that. It's painful.


Jan 19, 2013
Media Create:

PS4 31,058
Vita 23,090
New3DS LL 19,991
New3DS 4,389
Wii U 3,939
3DS 2,705
PS3 1,715
3DS LL 459
Xbox One 286

Naruto at 64k
DQB (all versions) at 98k. Nice second week.

@ Horuhe: thanks for your posts, going to reply in the next thread.