"Men's Room Mayhem" rated from AU. Sawfly Studios (ex Liverpool), PS Vita


works for Gamestop (lol)


Sawfly Studios from Twitter:

We're a brand new game development studio, formed by four ex Sony Liverpool developers. We're working on our first title now, which will be announced SOON!


Here's one of the many characters from our first game. More news coming soon. pic.twitter.com/cAp9npmYv2


We've asked publisher Ripstone just what this is, because there's no way we can read that title and not have questions. Ripstone confirmed its existence, but is still waiting to make an official announcement. "What I can say is it's a game about mens rooms and what goes on behind closed cubicle doors (but not in a dodgy way!)" the publisher told us.
One of the gameplay mechanics involves maintaining an optimal distance from the urinal: too close and you get splashed, too far and the guy next to you catches a peek.


works for Gamestop (lol)