Microsoft is shutting down Xbox Fitness

wow, looks like you got your money out of it and then some. I don't think I've ever played a game for 500 hours and that includes Halo 3 where I played 4500 games. MAYBE Halo 3. And I spent $60 on it.
I should also note that those stats are OLD/out-of-date. I use it 5x a week, but it says the last time I played it was in March, which is false (used it yesterday).
Xbox Fitness is actually an awesome fitness tool. It's far superior to WiiFit in almost every way. Yet it was barely marketed at all. That alone was a huge mainstream selling point for the Kinect yet isn't advertised whatsoever.

A good tool which was poorly managed from Microsoft
Xbox Fitness is actually an awesome fitness tool. It's far superior to WiiFit in almost every way. Yet it was barely marketed at all. That alone was a huge mainstream selling point for the Kinect yet isn't advertised whatsoever.

A good tool which was poorly managed from Microsoft
You don't even need a Kinect anymore! Anyone with an Xbox One can use it. Admittedly, that's not ideal as the Kinect does help you with your form, etc. But, you still could.
Why are downloadable Rock Band songs still playable offline for me?

And why are downloadable and in-game Xbox Fitness workouts no longer playable after July 2017?

What the hell? What is the fucking difference? This is really dumb. Okay, make the game no longer downloadable. But why isn't this stuff playable offline?
likely deals were struck while the device was still supposed to phone home, which is how the licenses were set up. So they could be revoked and MS didn't have to pay any longer. Since it's a free to play game, the original stuff is always available to play - it can't be divorced from the DLC. So there is no base game framework to open for the DLC to work, if the base game is no longer licensed. Unless they put out a whole new "Xbox Fitness: DLC edition" I don't see that happening.

The game was a gift originally.
Damn. That really sucks. It was really well done.

They should really let people download the videos for offline play even if the service itself doesn't work anymore.
Must not be used by many peeps. Are there any other alternatives for those affected?

Man, they are really gutting the life out of Kinect. Surprised they don't just sell it for like 80 bucks. Suppose the stigma that comes along with it, they wanna get rid of it.
Just turned on the Xbox and opened the Fitness app to see this awful message. This is utter crap. I can understand shutting it down as it couldn't possibly sustain itself, but to completely screw over those people who actually put money into this is a perfect example of why I will choose physical over digital whenever possible. Why can't they just make this offline and keep it "as-is" with no new content updates?

Like some others in the thread have stated, this is literally the only reason why I even turn on my Xbox anymore...
Removing access to purchased content is not OK and a reason why digital is still completely shitty compared to physical.

Could you imagine if Amazon reps came to your door and said, "we'll be back in six months to collect all of the fitness blu rays your purchased from us. We are saddened by this and are very sorry for the inconvenience."
I meant Dance Central. Sorry. But yes it is a game... a game that uses the Kinect exclusively. You have to wonder whether this decision to shut down Xbox Fitness will have any impact on that game too.
As already mentioned, DC is a game, not a service, so it will continue to work even if Harmonix pulls the game from sale (dunno why they would).

However, it appears that no new Dance Central DLC has come out in over a year. It would not be farfetched to suggest that they're finished supporting it. =(
Hmm, can't people do like the xbox feedback site to suggest keeping it for offline usage? They seem to listen to those if they pick up steam quite well.

Though...I'd suspect there might be some licensing/legal issues maybe?
It's exactly the same as basically every other shuttered online service in the history of the internet. A year grace period is LONG by those standards as well. It doesn't mean it doesn't suck, but it's crazy that people are acting like this is some new low.

You might as well not buy anything on any digital service by that logic. They've literally all shut things down that people paid for.
Lol WTF? What company has EVER removed ALL access to a digital product that wasn't GOING OUT OF BUSINESS? This is fucking nuts. What is MS gonna do when they want to get out of making Xbox? Just going to shut off all access to every Xbox game you bought within a year? Fucking absurd.
What the fuck, this is really all I use my xbone for, and I just got my girlfriend interested in it too.

Why can't I continue to use the content I paid for in cached mode?.

What a shitty move.
That's a bummer, my lady uses it a lot. It's basically just workout videos with a score and Kinect integration. Surprised they can't figure out a way to make that work offline.
Oh well, this does suck. Sounds like the way Microsoft negotiated these deals they are required to continue to relicense/pay the content providers. I actually bought P90X on it and used it all the time. I guess I'll continue to use it until it stops working. smh

It'd be nice if those of us who actually paid for these things got a "compiled" version of the programs we paid for - basically a "standalone" P90X app that has all the videos in it.

At this point, I'm wishing I had just bought the DVDs.

Live and learn I guess.
Can they add fitness videos to Netflix? What are they fucking waiting for? It's so mind boggling how business oriented that company is. They went from a simple idea and grew to this powerhouse, but they never accomplished any another major milestone. Netflix is now about signing business, because they've entered the filmmaking industry. Atleast do something different than signing the next Disney or Marvel movie. Spend that money on fitness videos and they'll make millions. Better yet, hire professionals and create a massive catalog of workouts. Then rake in the profits yourself.

Silly Netflix.

Oh and this was one of the best apps in Xbox.
That's a lot longer than most online services that shut down give you.

They are cutting off playback of downloaded content. I am not quite sure how playback of downloaded content is an online service. I know that Microsoft has to run servers for checking the licenses, but I assume that it would use the same license servers as the games and video purchases.

microsoftstudios said:
At that time, Xbox Fitness will no longer be available for download from Xbox Marketplace and content will not be available for play from the Xbox Marketplace nor within the game.

I can see cutting off streaming and downloads, but stopping playback of downloaded content seems weird. I wonder if someone could just download all their workouts and then just keep the console offline and set the clock back (in case there is a time based kill switch in the app.)
Kinect now officially dead.

Of more concern to me is yet more evidence of the conflict between ownership of content and content as a service in terms of quickly money spent can be found to have nothing to show for it.
As someone who openly despises Kinect I want it dead but I don't want people to lose access to what they invested in

Games games games from here on in, traditional games that use buttons please