Missing - TV series with Ashley Judd, like Taken but with gender-reversals.

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From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_(2012_TV_series)

Missing is an American mystery thriller drama television series, starring Ashley Judd and Cliff Curtis that debuted on March 15, 2012 on ABC. ABC announced on May 17, 2011, that the series would air as a midseason replacement in 2012. Ten episodes have been ordered for the first season blah blah blah...

Look, all you really need to know is this: It's like Taken, but instead of Liam Neeson you get Ashley Judd and instead of the daughter getting kidnapped overseas it's the son.

It's available on Hulu+ and although some of the performances are bit hammy (I'm looking at you Cliff Curtis!) it's still an enjoyable TV show and imo way better than the shlocky Touch with Kiefer Sutherland.

Anyone else watching this?
It makes sense she isn't beefy at the start because she's been retired for so long, but it does make it a bit less convincing when she beats the shit out of bigger guys.
I've been DVRing it since the first episode. No where close to being as good as Taken or that good at all in it's own right. All she does is run around every episode then karate chops a few dudes when she is not shooting them. She never gets to the bottom of anything and its amazing how her or the CIA has not thought about maybe torturing a few dudes to get answers.

Also, I really don't get drama shows that focus their plot on a single person. The killing and now this. How many episodes are they going to have her running around looking for this dumb kid? They're already stretching the plot and we are just a few episodes in.
Anybody else still watching this? Just watched the latest episode on Hulu, I'm gonna spoiler in case anybody wants to watch the show and there is someone else watching I can vent to.

Really pissed off about the swerve at the end of the latest episode with the murder. There was already enough shit going against Becca, there was no need to ratchet the drama up to absurd levels by making the entire CIA think she killed one of their own. It hasn't been the best show but I've liked watching but the end of this episode really pissed me off. Show has turned into a really poor man's version of 24.
I really liked this show till this last episode. its just so dragged out with twist and near misses, much worse than any 24 season imo.

Sean Bean
alot though.
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