MLB 2017 Regular Season OT - 108 years in the making

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stupid royals don't let the white sox score.
come back and win this @_@
Nope... sadly...

I figured the game was lost the moment Ned put in Skoglund as the starter.

It doesn't help the pitching staff is injured and on fumes right now. That's why Alexander was out there yet again...

Esky and Whit ran into outs too. Just a poorly played game by the Royals there.
Odds in the Indians favor to win the next four. incoming four game sweep by the royals.
I would think they'll lose one to KC since it's a four game series, but with the way they're playing and how their luck has been, I wouldn't be shocked if they swept them too. I would put money on losing a game to the Angels though. West coast trips are tough and they've been fortunate enough to have all the games in this streak stay on this side of the Mississippi.


will gain confidence one day
If next year's rotation is something like Folty, Newcomb, Gohara, Fried, Soroka, with Albies, (a productive) Swanson, and Acuna all in the lineup, we could really be working with something interesting.
It must feel really good to be an Indians fan, like I would probably have a permanent smile on my face all the time.

Dodgers fans, would you rather seen them have to Rockies or Dbacks in the playoffs?
So how does purchasing Divisional game tickets work? Do they automatically refund you the amount if your team doesn't make it that far?

Rockies fan doesn't know how to buy postseason tickets.


never heard about the cat, apparently
I got free parking, $9 ticket, only spent $24.50 for two Miller Lite!
$9 ticket eh? how much in extra fees though. ($10 ticket i bought online yesterday was around $15 really)

Also....i thought nats park beers were expensive. How much for the non-shitty beer?
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