Monolith Soft's Wii U game "X" coming 2014 [E3 Trailer]

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This and Wind Waker HD were the only things I enjoyed. Bayonetta 2 looks good but I'm not a fan of those style of action games, probably because I suck at them.
2014 is going to be ridiculous! Ridiculously good, but ridiculous nonetheless.

Imagine if SE didn't show FFXV, this thing would've been the next best thing. It's still might impressive and attractive!
In my opinion, the entire conference was pretty much rehashed crap where I've had too much franchise fatigue.

EXCEPT THIS.... THIS. This will be my sole reason for owning a Wii U.
Easily the best thing in the Nintendo Direct, by a mile. After Baten Kaitos on Gamecube and Xenoblade on Wii, Monolith is one my most respected devs out there. Kind of surpassing Retro to be honest.

Wish it was on PS4.
X continues to look absolutely fabulous, despite the somewhat questionable music choice for the trailer. I'm quite optimistic about this one, especially after Xenoblade Chronicles.
Disappointing, this trailer made it seem even more that i'd be an open world monster hunter type game as opposed to an actual RPG. Oh well, saves me the trouble of having to get a Wii-U.
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