Monolithsoft (Xenoblade) is recruiting action game staff for new project

Seems like an action game.


This is a brand new project that will offer something different from Monolithsoft's usual brand image. It is a new challenge they are tackling. They are looking for programmers and battle planners for the action portion of the game, specifically people who have experience in action games and able to handle responsive combat.

This is definitely a fantasy action RPG.
Taken from the website. They are recruiting "action game staff" in particular, and the individual recruitment pages for the action part programmers and action part battle planners specify desired action game experience and responsiveness and enemy AI as things they want to emphasize. For the battle planners, they are also looking for those with an interest in medieval fantasy and understanding of western entertainment trends.

Yeah. There were also earlier job postings for action, online and medieval fantasy. Looks like they're doing something really different next.

Not a huge fan of medieval fantasy and prefer Sci-Fi in general which Monolith Soft does incredibly well.

I still desperately need a direct sequel to Xenobade Chronicles X.
Rabbids cross Xenoblade jk

I hope it's a RPG. It's gotta have some substantial online as well right? That's what seems popular as the moment
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