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Mortal Kombat Character Select Screen Leaked (Spoilers) [Update: Stage Renders]


Has this been posted?



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fernoca said:
Just in case:

Scorpion - Liu Kang - Kung Lao - Sub-Zero

Sindel - Ermac - Reptile - Kitana

Johnny Cage - Jade - Mileena - Nightwolf

Cyrax - Noob Saibot - Smoke - Sektor

Sonya - Jax - Kano - Stryker

Shang Tsung - Baraka - Kabal - Raiden

Extras/DLC - Sheeva - Quan Chi - Extras/DLC​

"Cyber Sub-Zero" and Kratos seem to be on the Extras/DLC slot.


shagg_187 said:
In case anyone is wondering what levels they are:

The Armory

The Belltower

The Training Dojo

The Courtyard (Day)

The Courtyard (Night)

The Deadpool

The Desert

Flesh Pits/The Lab

Goro's Lair

The Graveyard

The Nettherrealm/Hell

Kahn's Arena

The Living Forest

The Pit (Night)

The Pit Bottom

The Pit (Day)

The Rooftop (Dawn)

The Rooftop (Day)

The Rooftop (Dusk)

Shang Tsung's Throne Room

Shao Kahn's Throne Room

The Flame of Olympus

The Soul Chamber

Shang Tsung's Garden (Day)

Shang Tsung's Garden (Night)

The Street

The Subway

The Temple

The Tower/Evil Monastery

The Wastelands
RyanCE said:
Major Spoiler!!! But so awesome.

To me these shots coming out over the last few days confirms the game is pretty much done and review builds have been sent out to various magazines already.

Cyber Sub-Zero has gotta be Noob. Compare the facemasks... in fact maybe they have this thing where one is the body (Cyber Sub) and one is the soul (Noob) of the original Sub-Zero.


I like how a lot of the characters are connected on the select screen. Sub Zero and Scorpion on each side, same for the robots. Jax and Sonya together. Noob and Smoke together. Kung Lao and Liu Kang together. etc

OneMoreQuestion said:
That's one ugly alt costume for Kratos D:

Kratos better bow down to the OG.
I feel like that MK9 select screen needs this music

KevinCow said:
Where's Kratos on the select screen? It's clearly the PS3 version.
Probably in the DLC slot.

I wouldn't be surprised if this game has more characters than the leaked files had. That basically ruined their whole "we want this game to have a lot of secrets" thing. Maybe guys like Robo Smoke and Rain will be on the disc after all since they haven't been announced as part of the first DLC.


KevinCow said:
Where's Kratos on the select screen? It's clearly the PS3 version.
_dementia said:
Bottom row, third space from the left.
That's Sheeva.
Kratos, will likely appear on the DLC/Extras area like "that other character"

Like Armageddon (original release) seems they put 2 slots for "extra characters" so each player on each side can choose freely from the additional characters.

Ah from the left, trying to save face after not detecting the joke..eh? :p
fnmore1 said:
Where are the playable boss characters suppose to go?

If they are playable they'll likely go into the DLC slot. I think thats why you see two of the same characters there, you'll likely be able to rotate through a bunch.


fnmore1 said:
Where are the playable boss characters suppose to go?

In the
Cyborg Sub Zero slots. It probably goes through all the different hidden stuff, bosses, etc.

AnEternalEnigma said:
Holy shit, people. Characters in a fighting game are not spoilers.

Except this is a hidden character. Plus it takes all of 5 seconds to add a spoiler tag.
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