Most watched anime on Crunchyroll by game console

Anime streaming site Crunchyroll released a few infographics revealing which 2016 anime were viewed most on seven video game consoles.

The graphics show the following as the most popular anime on each console "compared to the popularity across all consoles:"

Xbox One - Dragon Ball Super
PlayStation 4 - Persona5 the Animation - The Day Breakers
Wii U - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
PS Vita - Brave Beats
PlayStation 3 - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
Xbox 360 - Fairy Tail
Wii - Dream Festival!
For those of you who are wondering "where's Re:Zero?", there are charts demonstrating what shows got more views on a specific console than the average. I imagine if Crunchyroll released the overall most viewed on each specific format, they'll get seven very similar lists.
Xbox owners have better taste in anime confirmed.

Honestly I'm a bit surprised at most of these lists, but whatever, if there's one thing I'm ok with being out of touch on, it's anime.


The Amiga Brotherhood
Man i'm really out of the loop, i don't know most of those anime and i didn't know the existence of game anime like persona or god eater.
Didn't even know there was a P5 anime. Is it spoilery?
It's one episode and kind of a gaiden-y side story type thing. Not necessarily a prologue, but it's a one-off story that I guess indicates the types of stories that would be in the game. No spoilers.

Surprised Wii is still used for video streaming. It can only do up to 480p, no? Also, I was expecting DBS on XB1 for some reason.
That's right, but the Wii is pretty cheap and a lot of people still have theirs hanging around and/or may not be as interested in the newer consoles. I can see why Yuri on Ice does so well there, for example. There's some demographic overlap there.