My November Game Purchase OR My God, What Have I Done?

Jul 23, 2006
San Diego
Edit: Well, we've been open a week, so far so good. Response has been great. Just did an interview with that has a few shots of us stocked and in action. That can be found here. Gotta say, it's been really great geting the responses and the reactions, both here and at the store.

OK, so the title is a bit misleading...this purchase has been going on a lot longer than November, and it's not exactly games, though it is for them. As I've mentioned before (way back when) I'm opening a game retail store. Construction is finally (95%) done, and we place the stock tomorrow.

Along with excitement, I'm a bit petrified...I don't want to say how much money I've put into this, but 'a ton' might be understating it. Still, seeing all of this makes it almost seem like it'll be worth it.

This has been a massive project, and to reach this point is a huge relief, and I had to share/boast/show off the results. Sorry about the picture quality, was working with a crap camera that couldn't shoot indoors.

The Store:
really trying to create a game store that isn't targeted just to the 'gamerkid' demographic. Something more open, accessable, sheik.

From the Door:
the three screens are connected to systems behind the counter. The wireless controllers allow us to use them as demo screens as well.

The Shelves:
custom-made (like almost everything else in the store) clear acrylic shelving, really did a lot to provide the open feel I was looking for. Game boxes are loud enough as they are, there's no need to increase that visual noise with brightly colored shelves.

The Counter:
the two GAF-portals can also be used as registers, or so I've been told. I should have gotten a better shot of it, but the countertop is this very cool bamboo. Most importantly, because of the store design (and the see-through shelves) there's not a single blind spot in the store from the counter.

The Mock Living Room:
at the very front of the store, sort of replaces the front window display. Games look good enough as they are, they should be shown off in their natural environment. Besides, looking into the store and seeing people playing WiiFit or Rock Band is far more entertaining than standees.

The Demo Room:
set up like a home theater, to show off current systems the way they deserve to be,
also so that ladder-based league play can happen without disturbing the rest of the store

The Real Draw:
during these past weeks, when we've been working in the space, the one thing that caused the most people to stop and stare wasn't the store design, or the game videos playing on the screens, or the was this beauty. Maybe I should have rethought the whole 'game store' bit and just had her on display.

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Impressive. I hope to visit and purchase titles from your store one day. Please keep GAF in touch with the process.
Oct 3, 2006
It's looks great, I hope everything goes well. That looks like a lot of capital poured into the business. While you've got to start with something, the business plan needs to be very solid to support an up-front cost like that.

You will be doing pre-owned games and thing like that? Very little money is actually made off of the sales of new titles.


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Apr 16, 2007
Now that's a classy game store. If I were you I would ask for 3 more dollars per game just for extra profit (hey, Starbucks does it with coffee!)
Dec 16, 2004
I was going to reply with a "wow. you're hopeless. way to try and live your dream, but there's no way to make money as an independent game retailer"

Then I saw your pictures and I fell in love with what you're doing. So much time and care has gone into this place that I really hope people in your area get behind it. Get some decent patronage, and I really hope they respect the place and do their part to keeping it look so nice.

Very attractive digs. Best of luck to you.
Sep 4, 2004
Looks fantastic, it's like the Nintendo Store or Apple store but sized down. Incredible.

But out of curiosity will you just be selling the typical Wii, DS, 360, PS3, and PC games or are you going to do any retro stuff?
Jan 27, 2006
Very nicely done, tasteful and classy. I would love to buy my games in your store, and if you were located in New York, I would. Good luck with everything, you've obviously put a lot of time and effort in and the end result is beautiful, I hope people pick up on that and your store is a rousing success.
Dec 16, 2004
Idea: to build up hype for the store, at some point you need to start advertising for the worldwide launch debut of the SPLORGENBORG at your store. Build some basic POS marketing materials, have someone at GAF build a site.

After the press catches on, reveal it as an elaborate hoax.

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Aug 15, 2007
birdman said:
It looks kinda like an Apple Store, which isn't a bad thing at all. Definitely would shop there.
I was going to say the same. Really, really impressive. Wish this was in my area. Instead, we have the standard independent game stores: dank, dirty, cluttered, and staffed by mental defectives who are either surly or completely disinterested in actually serving customers in any way. They apparently missed the memo that Comic Book Guy is intended to be pointed satire instead of a role model.