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NeoGAF’s Official Game Soundtracks of the Year 2015: Results and Archive


Well, part of the reason why I had to slum and buy stuff off of Japanese iTunes this year instead of actually importing the discs like I usually do is because the Canadian dollar is trash. Soundtracks can be pretty expensive if you import (like, if you import a lot, the cost adds up -- but in a case like that, you're better off ordering from Amazon Japan to justify the shipping cost). I think I ended up buying more physical soundtracks for other people this year than for myself!!

But yeah, I sympathize. The first soundtrack I bought with my own saved up money, Chrono Cross, was like... oh man, it was $50 to import at the time? FF8--my second--was a bit more expensive. It's great if you have physical copies, though. Sometimes they come with extra stuff, but I value the liner notes. .

The first soundtrack I bought was Silent Hill from Ebay for 50$ in 2001. I ended up buying the following three as well. These days I prefer the convenience of digital music, except in the rare occasion there's a decent booklet and packaging.

It's odd, that the developers/publishers don't sell the soundtracks in the console stores. Even more stupefying, that some, like TLOU: Left Behind, were only available for NA residents on Amazon. It's often the only way to get the soundtrack to pre-order and buy a special edition. Considering there's usually a code to download the OST, it's beyond me why digital versions of games don't have them. Sometimes the business practises just don't seem to make any sense.

EDIT: It pains me as well, that there's no soundtrack available for Bloodborne DLC, or expansions in general.


Yeah sorry. I stopped handling the archive halfway through and passed it on to someone else to work on the op. I know that info and I'll fix it when I get home from work. Even between Noi and I, we can miss what the other does (especially when both of us are begging each other to go to sleep).

I fixed the Stella Glow composer list, Thoraxes.

It's all good :D

I just figured nobody would know if it wasn't pointed out, and you have a reaaaaaallly big list of stuff to cover!
Any idea if Square are intending to release another volume of the Heavensward soundtrack? I freakin' love the Alexander theme but it's not on either of the official releases :(


Cool, thanks for organizing the vote and archive again this year. Cool to see most of my picks/honorable mentions make the list. Only Crypt of the Necrodancer got left out in the cold. Give it a listen if you haven't; it's really great!
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