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NeoGAF December Gif and Meme Contest. Winner Gets Gold.

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Welcome to the NeoGAF Gif and Meme Contest for the month of December.

We had a great November with some many incredible entries from PSX PSX SlicedBread3 SlicedBread3 M1chl M1chl bender bender and Bonfires Down Bonfires Down just to name a few. But silent head silent head was the winner and I believe they got the most votes in the history of this contest. You can see last months contest HERE!!!

Now your mission is to beat silent head silent head and take the title of Gif and Meme Champion.


1. The Gif/Meme you submit must be your own creation. NO DIGGING UP OLD GIFS (KAZ GIFS) AND SUBMITTING UNLESS YOU ARE THEIR CREATORS!!!

2. It must be GAMING related.

3. One Gif/Meme per post. You may make as many posts as you like. But it must be one per post. Have 3 Gif/Memes? Make 3 posts.

4. Monthly winner will be decided at the end of the month by post/entry with most likes. You may like as many posts as you want. The winner will get the tag "Gif and Meme Champion” that you will wear until the next winner is crowned.

Credit to PengTiki who was kind enough to provide information for wondering how to get started.

Some online GIFFING options;

Use images or edit your video or youtube from url or giphy gifs,
then add captions!

MS Paint style animator!

Online Meme Makers;

Add image, add text:


And there is also this: https://ezgif.com

Good Luck GAF




Console gamers before launch: Oh, no, they delayed it again!!

Console gamers after launch: Oh, no, they didn't delay it again!!
No, this is too simple, the developer is the only ones who know how it plays before it's released. They are the ones with a responsibility to check and test the game. As fans, we are just grumbling on the internet without any perspective. It's a 91 PC game but a 65 console game, and they knew it and didn't allow it to be reviewed on console because of it. To delay it and take the anger from the fans is the way to go here.



edit: I must had written this with my phone unlocked in my pocket. Or I was drunker than normal.
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