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NeoGAF Gold Gifting


Expansive Ellipses
Staff Member
May 30, 2004

Just in time for the holidays! :messenger_grinning_sweat: You can now gift NeoGAF Gold to other members. Show your appreciation, spread the love, and support your favorite community.

NeoGAF Gold gifts can be picked up in either month or annual terms, are non-recurring, and can be given with the option of anonymity. As with any NeoGAF Gold status, they'll get the full benefits of Gold, with an ad-free experience, instant updates to load new content in on the fly, gold username, and more.

To gift NeoGAF Gold, simply go to the signup page and select one of the new Gift options:

(note: at this time, you can't gift Gold to someone who already has a Gold subscription)

We hope you enjoy the new gifting feature along with our big NeoGAF 3.0 update last week. Even more goodies for the community are coming soon, so sit tight and happy gaffing. :messenger_smiling_with_eyes:

Special thanks to Palliasso Palliasso for the custom implementation and general badassery.


Feb 29, 2008
I paid out of pocket 12 dollars for a 4chan pass for the year. It’d be kinda hypocritical if I didn’t buy at least a single month of gold for me with this option, so here we are.

Thanks for allowing a way to purchase a non-recurring month.
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