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NeoGAF's Most Anticipated Games of 2017


*Thanks for participating everyone! Special thanks to Doffen, dancrane212 & Kyonashi for their help.*



GAF Comments:
Well, it's Zelda. It is my most anticipated game since its announcement in 2014, and every time it get delayed the excitement just explodes a little more. The E3 2016's blowout was incredible, and the two trailers we got so far are the cherry on top of the cake. Huge post-apocalyptic open-world, filled with secrets about the background of the new Hyrule. How could I put anything else in first place instead?
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild[/B] : It's been my most anticipated game 4 years in a row now, and although I'm beginning to feel more and more ridiculous, I'm optimistic this'll finally be the year we get to play it. On the upside, at least I no longer have to call it The Legend of Zelda Wii U.
I've always found it difficult to get into Zelda games. I've loved their music and art since ever I first laid eyes on them, but I've struggled to connect with them as games. With Breath of the Wild, I am confident that this will change. I feel like I can truly explore. I can get lost, discover secrets and tricks, or enjoy the pure nature and the wildlife and just....breathe. I can relax, enjoy the purity and take everything in at my own pace. With a healthy dose of Souls-like combat design and an epic story on top, this sounds like a world to truly immerse oneself in. What a great concoction. And I can jump when I want!
Environments and scenery that encourage exploration simply through their natural beauty, a great atmospheric art style that seems to capture both the impressionist vibe SS attempted and the stylized look of WW, the promise of a massive world with plenty of mystery and secrets just waiting to be found...and it's a new Zelda. That last part alone could justify its position at the top of this list, but this particular Zelda shows potential to actually make it into the ranks of OoT, LttP, MM and WW.


GAF Comments:
Persona 4 is a close second to favourite game ever for me. Maybe it's because I played it at a time when I needed a fun JRPG to put a lot of my time into, but something about the game just really clicked with me. And Persona 5 seems to have everything I loved about Persona 4, but even better. I've never seen any other game with a more appealing style than this, and I can't wait to spend time with the game's world and characters.
I'm not as crazy a Persona fanatic as most of GAF, but I still think they're solid adventures and remarkable for how much fun you can get out of them when factoring in their length. Most games of that length run stale after a while, but Persona 3 and 4 stay fresh for such a long time.
Next entry in one of my favorite series. I've been waiting for more since I finished 4 like seven years ago. Everything I've seen, from the combat to the character design to the music, looks incredible. I expect to spend dozens of hours playing this again. It's been a long time coming.
I played Persona 4 for the first time this year. It was the first time a jrpg really clicked with me. I loved every moment of it. The sequel is already out in Japan and it seems like a worthy successor to the P4.


GAF Comments:
I love RPG's, many devs changed the studio from CDPR to Guerilla and you can almost see how great the impact from rpg veteran devs are. Horizon looks, sounds and plays wonderful. The presentation I saw at Gamescom was nothing new but it looked so good and polished. I think this is the most important title for Guerilla, after a solid Killzone, they want to deliver a masterpiece, and I'm sure, they will!
I've fallen in love with the world they've built, and the gameplay videos have all looked fantastic. I really hope this is the Guerrilla game that showcases their talents. I know many loved the look of Killzone: Shadow Fall but that there was a lot of disappointment in the game. This is a new IP, a beautiful looking game, a new kind of game for the developers, a unique setting, and gameplay that looks different. I'm not against shooters at all, but it's cool to see games that aren't, and I really hope this is as good as it looks.
New IP, neat art style with the machine dinosaurs in nature that make me curious to explore. Combat looks pretty great, with the emphasis on traps like a hunter, being able to tear off limbs and use them to continue to hurt robot dinosaur, or hacking robot deer...it just looks cool, and again so strange the Killzone guys are making this.
It came out of left field at E3 2015. Sony had blown people's minds seconds earlier with the reveal of The Last Guardian, and many wondered how they could follow up such a bomb shell. Horizon came, however, and blew everyone away with the amazing battle against the Thunderjaw. It caught my attention then and there, and subsequent showings have added the necessary extra information I needed to feel confident that this game will be something special.


GAF Comments:

The sequel to one of the greatest games of all time? Yeah, dude, let's go!
Love the setting and Rockstar is world class with open world design. Longest period of time spent in an open world before I started to fast travel, I loved just riding around.
It's R* Games first proper next-gen title. That's all you need to know, really.


GAF Comments:
I'm a sucker for games that do science fiction. In particular, I love stories that explore the idea of an advanced human society that has traveled beyond Earth to befriend (or make enemies with) other species. It reminds me of what I love about Star Trek: The Next Generation; a series essentially based around the concept of humanity joining forces with the rest of the galaxy to explore what's out there. While Mass Effect isn't necessarily the Star Trek game I always hoped for (nor should it be as it's a different franchise), I can't help but feel it evokes a lot of the same sense of wonder of exploring worlds far away from home with a crew of capable allies.

Furthermore, I feel Mass Effect: Andromeda has a chance to capture that 'newness' that the original Mass Effect did. Sure, we'll see old Alien species, but it's also mixed with new ones along with new worlds. Everyone is thrust into unfamiliar territory, without an easy way to get back to Earth. To me, it's the ideal premise for a game about discovery of new worlds, cultures, and the individuals who make that all come together. How much Andromeda focuses on that remains to be seen, but regardless, I can't wait to explore it as Ryder.
Enough time has passed since Mass Effect 3 came and left a bitter aftertaste and now I'm actually yearning for another Bioware epic. My initial hopes of a more Star Trek-y adventure about discovery and conflict in favour of the originals tiresome hero's journey have been dashed, but what we've seen so far still seems like a quality game.
Another game with a promised strong focus on exploration, and another game that looks fantastic in terms of environments and scenery. The combat looks particularly fluid and diverse this time around, going beyond the cover-shooting formula to incorporate options for more offensive tactics. The new alien race that's been revealed doesn't look particularly exciting but I'm sure the devs of Mass Effect will not disappoint in the character depth department.


GAF Comments:
This game has the story madness from Yoko Taro and has fantastic gameplay from Platinum games. I mean this is basically a dream game for me so of course it's the top.
Did not expect a sequel to the original Nier at all but this looks flat out amazing. Excited for the crazy action gameplay and hopefully great soundtrack.
A miracle sequel. Everything we've seen from this shows it's going to be one hell of a ride. I want to hug whoever keeps giving Yoko Taro these opportunities. Pretty much tied with Gravity Rush 2.


GAF Comments:
It's Samurai Souls but with a much deeper combat that is a mixture of character action and Dark Souls combat. Made by the guys at Team Ninja they made the Souls-like game with the best combat.
Souls series sensibilities meets Team Ninja character action is a very enticing idea, and the brief time I've spent playing the technical tests for the game seem to indicate this game is going to deliver. A satisfying challenge and a good sense of atmosphere are carrying anticipation of this game big-time.
The souls franchise is easily my favorite of all time. Over these past few years several games have attempted to replicate it but I feel like none of them comes even close, mostly because I feel like they focus too much on replicating the Souls formula instead of taking inspiration from it to create something unique. And here comes Ni Oh, a game that takes many of the elements I love about the souls franchise but isn't afraid to be its own thing. Based on severa hours with the alpha and Beta, Ni Oh has it's own unique world, story and take on combat, while retaining the good level design, exciting combat and challenge I've come to love from the souls franchise.

From Software is a Japanese company but in many ways their games have a lot of western influence. Ni Oh feels like a more japanese take on the souls concept and I'm loving it.


GAF Comments:
FINALLY a return to survival horror gameplay. It remains unproven if the new perspective and the family member enemy types will result in a game that's as fun as the classics. But the fact that they've been upfront with showing classic gameplay mechanics returning is a good sign. Whether this game turns out good or shitty, I applaud them for trying somethin' new with the series.
I played the Jake chapter of RE 6, tried the Leon, and tried the Chris chapter, and couldn't get into it. So the return to its horror roots is really exciting for me. I don't think I played a good horror game this year, which is a shame after 2015 and Until Dawn, so I'm hoping that RE 7 starts the year off right for horror.


GAF Comments:
GR1 was one of the best games on Vita, and 2 looks fantastic (play that demo). I'm not sure what to expect of the story this time to be honest, but I'm confident it'll be a great game nonetheless.
I absolutely loved Gravity Rush and I can't wait for them to expand this world. It's a shame it got pushed to January but at least it's almost here.


GAF Comments:
Close one with Persona 5, but this gets the edge because I'm really craving jRPG with a surfeit of heart. Clearly it's a reaction to the cynical dystopic social media landscape which has now bled out into the real world. This game looks beautiful, combat may be fixed, going to drop everything for this when it comes out.
I really enjoyed the first game and am super stoked there's going to be a sequel. I hope they manage to make the combat more interesting this time around along with retaining the graphical/music quality.












Zelda first makes sense. Has a great chance of being the GOTY as well, maybe even GOTG.

Edit: damn sorry for posting early.
21 Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time 182
22 Scalebound 179
23 Shenmue III 169
24 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue 149
25 Tekken 7 127
26 Divinity Original Sin II 126
27 Cuphead 116
28 Gran Turismo Sport 112
29 Torment: Tides of Numenera 111
30 Crackdown 3 105
31 Sea Of Thieves 102
32 Tales of Berseria 102
33 Vampyr 98
34 Wipeout Omega Collection 93
35 For Honor 92
36 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd 79
37 Yakuza: Kiwami 76
38 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 73
39 Cosmic Star Heroine 54
40 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King 52
41 Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix 51
42 Injustice 2 50
43 Project Sonic 2017 44
44 Halo Wars 2 42
45 Pyre 42
46 Battletech 41
47 Ace Combat 7 40
48 Outlast 2 38
49 Tacoma 36
50 Thimbleweed Park 35
51 Kingdom Come: Deliverance 35
52 State of Decay 2 34
53 Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III 31
54 Night in the Woods 30
55 What Remains of Edith Finch 26
56 Dragon Quest Heroes II 26
57 Tokyo Xanadu 23
58 Nex Machina 23
59 Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord 23
60 Digimon World Next Order 22
61 Little Nightmares 22
62 Rain World 21
63 A Hat in Time 20
64 Below 19
65 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games 18
66 Knack 2 18
67 Squadron 42/Star Citizen 15
68 Hatsune Miku 15
69 No Truce With The Furies 14
70 ELEX 14
71 Battle Chasers: Nightwar 13
72 Yakuza 6 13
73 Windjammers 13
74 Syberia 3 12
75 Ys Origin 12
76 Routine 12
77 Ever Oasis 11
78 Death's Gambit 11
79 Project Diva Future Tone 11
80 Freedom Planet 2 10
81 Nidhogg 2 10
82 Expeditions: Viking 9
83 Hellblade 9
84 Styx Shards of Darkness 9
85 Absolver 9
86 Vane 9
87 Gwent 9
88 Ruiner 9
89 Full Throttle: Remastered 9
90 Monster Hunter XX 9
91 Oxygen Not Included 9
92 Days Gone 8
93 Muv Luv Alternative 8
94 Valkyria Revolution 8
95 Call of Cthulhu 8
96 Manifold Garden 8
97 Quake Champions 8
98 Farpoint 8
99 Pathologic 8
100 Eitr 8
101 Oddworld: Soulstorm 7
102 Berserk and the Band of Hawk 7
103 Friday the 13th 7
104 Sniper Elite 4 7
105 Star Trek Bridge Crew 7
106 Blue Reflection 7
107 Fate/Extella 7
108 Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash 7
109 Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana 7
110 Pikmin 3DS 7
111 Toejam and Earl: Back in the groove 7
112 13 Sentinel 7
113 Atelier Firis 6
114 Budget Cuts 6
115 Dies Irae 6
116 Parapa the Rapper Remastered 6
117 The Silver Case 6
118 Ghost Song 6
119 Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood 6
120 Rime 6
121 Heart Forth, Alicia 6
122 Hot Shots Golf 6
123 Katana Zero 6
124 Unavowed 6
125 Finding Paradise 6
126 Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! 6
127 DJMAX Respect 6
128 FIFA 18 6
129 Animal Crossing Mobile 5
130 Lego City Undercover 5
131 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom 5
132 Danganronpa 1+2 Reload 5
133 Earth Defence Force 5 5
134 MLB The Show 17 5
135 Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition 5
136 Four Goddesses Online 5
137 Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone's Conspiracy 5
138 Hand of Fate 2 5
139 Overload 5
140 Bard's Tale IV 4
141 Bleed 2 4
142 Dangun Feveron 4
143 The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ 4
144 The Surge 4
145 Battle Brothers 4
146 Elite Dangerous (PS4 4
147 Musou Stars 4
148 DESYNC 4
149 Phantom Dust 4
150 Bloodstained Ritual of the Night 4
151 Snake Pass 4
152 Wattam 4
153 Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap 4
154 Birthdays: The Beginning 4
155 Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest in itadaki street special 30th anniversary edition 4
156 Strafe 4
157 Super Robot Wars V 4
158 Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World 4
159 Aquanox 3
160 Blackwood Crossing 3
161 Council of the Crows 3
162 Dauntless 3
163 Fallout 4 VR 3
164 first gamepump game 3
165 Iconoclasts 3
166 Mother 4 3
167 Path of Exile patch 3 3
168 Shape of the World 3
169 Story of Seasons Trio of Towns 3
170 The House in Fata Morgana 3
171 Toryansé 3
172 Warhammer: Total War 2 3
173 We Happy Few 3
174 Prey for the Gods 3
175 The Guild 3 3
176 Battle Chef Brigade 3
177 Knights and Bikes 3
178 Operation Babel 3
179 Battalion 1944 3
180 CrossCode 3
181 Dreamfall Chapters 3
182 Dynasty Warriors Godseekers 3
183 Everybody's Golf PS4 3
184 Four Goddesses Online 3
185 Get Even 3
186 Gorogoa 3
187 Miegakure 3
188 Omori 3
189 Rock of Ages 2 3
190 Sdorica Sunset 3
191 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 3
192 Thunderforce 3 on 3DS 3
193 Agents of Mayhem 2
194 Anne 2
195 Battle Garegga 2
196 Caligula 2
197 Chasm 2
198 Collar x Malice 2
199 Conan Exiles 2
200 Crossing Souls 2
201 Days end 2
202 Door Kickers 2 2
203 Drift Stage 2
204 Dungeon Travelers 2 2
205 Empathy 2
206 Fata Morgana Another episode 2
207 Hob 2
208 Hollow Knight 2
209 Kamio Recoil 2
210 Mages of Mystralia 2
211 Meigakure 2
212 Metal Gear Survive 2
213 Midair 2
214 Rainbow Skies 2
215 Sharin no Kuni 2
216 Stardew Valley 2
217 Super Robit Taisen V 2
218 XING The Land Beyond 2
219 Dark Souls 3 Final DLC 2
220 Dino Frontier 2
221 Drawn to death 2
222 Maximum Tune 2
223 Memory of a Broken Dimension 2
224 NBA 2k18 2
225 NBA Live 17 2
226 New Bloodborne (INELIGIBLE)
227 Nights of Azure 2
228 Patapon Remastered 2
229 Psychonauts in the rhombus of ruin 2
230 Pump It Up 2
231 Secrets of Grindia 2
232 shadow warrior 2 2
233 Tokyo Dark 2
234 Wave Race 2
235 Whispers of a Machine 2
236 Endless Space 2
237 >observer_ 1
238 13 Sentinels 1
239 Agony 1
240 Akiba's Beat 1
241 Blossom Tales 1
242 Blue Volta 1
243 Constructor 1
244 Djur 1
245 Dreadnought 1
246 Dreams 1
247 Fire Emblem (mobile) 1
248 Frozen Synapse 2 1
249 GNOG 1
250 Hakuoki -- Kyoto Winds 1
251 Hive Jump 1
252 Hiveswap 1
253 Period Cube 1
254 pokemon stars 1
255 Radio the Universe 1
256 Ray's The Dead 1
257 Redout 1
258 Return of the Obra Dinn 1
259 Rise and Shine 1
260 Star Control: Origins 1
261 Statik 1
262 Stygian 1
263 Underworld Ascendant 1
264 Zettai Zetsumei Yoshi 4 Summer Memories 1
265 Scorn Part 1 1
266 80's Overdrive 1
267 Daytona USA 3 1
268 Diablo 3 Necromancer Pack 1
269 Diluvion 1
270 Etrian Odyssey V 1
271 Golem 1
272 Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series 1
273 Just Shapes & Beats 1
274 Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth 1
275 Lorelai 1
276 Narcissu 1
277 Rain 1
278 Rose in the Castle of Twilight 1
279 Space engineers 1
280 Space Hulk: Deathwing 1
281 Space Pirate Trainer 2017 1
282 State of Mind 1
283 Summon Night 6 1
284 The Church in the Darkness 1
285 The Gallery - Episode 2 1
286 The Journey Down 1
287 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 1
288 Whatever Retro Studios is doing 1
289 YIIK: A Post Modern RPG 1

See you all at the end of the year for 2018's round of voting!


Holy shit Zelda! Didn't expect it to win, but it did it!

Great and varied list, wonder which ones will be delayed this time lol.
(cool to be quoted too :) )


Persona 5, NieR Automata, Ni No Kuni 2, Yakuza 0 and FFXII HD will be mine!

Keeping my eyes on Nioh and Horizon.


Ni No Kuni made the list! A pleasant surprise, hopefully it sells well.

7 point difference between zelda and persona.


Persona 5, fourth (and final) year in a row as one of GAF's most anticipated...

Next year's thread is going to feel like it's missing something :'(

Thanks once again, shinobi, Doffen, dancrane, and Kyonashi.
Hurrah - I wasn't the only one who voted for Blue Reflection.

Pleasantly surprised to see Ni No Kuni II that high as well.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Pretty impressive list - you only need a PS4 to be able to play 19 of those Top 20 games. Though the event next week likely would have change up things a bit - i assume.

Need Zelda/P5 asap.
I guess I'm not surprised that Zelda got number 1 :/

Most people that played it at e3 loved it - no surprise. We havent even seen much of the game comapred to what the full game will contain. Expect them to drop a crazy trailer next week.


Good Job OP.

Three out out of my list of four ended up as top three (with Resident Evil 7 still being near the top). Persona 5 came surprisingly close to Zelda.

Horizon is #1 Original IP.


Ah yess, nice to see my graphics all turned out okay in the thread proper alongside all the numerical hard work. :) Still couldn't believe how close the top 2 were when Shinobi sent me the numbers.
Persona 5 was robbed.

And Shenmue III at #23? What's wrong with you GAF?

(Yes, I know it's gonna be delayed 'til 2018 at the earliest.)


Nice result for Zelda, Persona and Horizon Zero Dawn, but especially Gravity Rush 2 has performed a bit of a miracle here! Great result, hope it becomes a success, both critically and commercially (as much as possible at least).

Glass Rebel

You can tell how far removed from general audiences GAF is with my most anticipated game being at #6. That shit is gon crash and burn if you bums don't go out and buy it.


Great work shinobi! Wow, just look at that list though. I don't care for Zelda or Persona but a top 10 with a new Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Red Dead and a monster New IP like Horizon? 2017 is going to be amazing.
Ah yess, nice to see my graphics all turned out okay in the thread proper alongside all the numerical hard work. :) Still couldn't believe how close the top 2 were when Shinobi sent me the numbers.
Persona 5 was robbed.

And Shenmue III at #23? What's wrong with you GAF?

(Yes, I know it's gonna be delayed 'til 2018 at the earliest.)

I'm a huge fan of Shenmue, and I didn't vote for it because there's not a hope in hell of it coming out this year. Simple as that.


Aww sad Persona 5 didn't take the repeat (or three peat?) but after BoTW's incredible e3 showing, I'm not surprised. Definitely hyped for both titles.


Membero Americo
Wow @ the point difference between Zelda and Persona.

But fuck yeah, Zelda #1.

Persona #2, also great.

Nice to see Gravity Rush 2 in the Top 10.

Kinda surprised at Ni No Kuni and Nioh in Top 10.
Well, with a lot of the games in the top 10 being early, delayed, releases delayed from the previous year(s) 2017 might have a chance at not loosing any of the 10 games to the next year.

It's in your hands Rockstar/Level-5.


There will of course be some delays, but I think 2017 is going to be one of my favorite gaming years ever. I haven't been this optimistic in a long time. That list is great.


Neo Member
Great list.

Also, every year it seems Persona 5 climbs higher. It will be #1 when it gets delayed to 2018 (please no more delays John Hardin!)
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