NEOPOP: Pulse of Pop Music OT1 a New Era


Welcome to the POP music discussion thread.

This is a new Era.
A new Chapter.
A new Beginning

The Britney Jean to your Bionic.

The Joanne to your ARTPOP.

What are your favs up to?

Let us discuss pop music in a mature manner, and such that doesn't involve needing mods to interfere.

Thanks loves!
Little Mons†er;252734586 said:
in before lock


also, download ARTPOP. Misunderstood album of all time, ahead of the game

Joanne slays too
Why would they lock a thread about pop music, with intelligent discussion and no rape accusations?
Little Mons†er;253134750 said:
Dua Slay Lipa
No, she sounds so 2017.

Probably Rihanna again, will she ever do another pop song ? I love her Calvin Harris songs.

Swift is the same drama with a different beat, so bye. Perry is trying to hard to be relevant and a style that doesn't fit her. Keeps making weird faces in her videos to become a meme, so bye.