[NEW] Alan Wake Screens


Intel officially revealed the name of Kentsfield this morning, and branded it Core 2 Quad.

It will be out in November. We were treated to a demo of a Quad machine running Remedy's unreleased follow-up to Max Payne, Alan Wake.

The game looked, frankly, stunning. Remedy has coded the engine to take advantage of quad-core processors - the engine scales as you move from single to dual to quad. We saw some amazing environmental effects, not to mention true next-gen graphics that easily rival anything from Unreal Engine.

Markus Maki, Remedy's rep at the forum, said that Alan Wake had been 18 months in the making so far. The multiple cores are used to stream data in the background in preparation for moves into new areas, and to prepare output for the graphics card to render.

Markus also revealed that one whole core is used for physics calculations, and we saw a hurricane tear up the in-game world in a rather realistic fashion as illustration.

For the true enthusiasts, Intel revealed that this Kentsfield, the Q6700, had been overclocked up to 3.73GHz, a 1GHz clock, with no issues. "Overclocking is allowed here, huh?" mused Otellini.

Alan Wake looked stunning, and it seems that quad-core could soon be ready for gamers. We'll be hearing far more later on in the day, so we'll be sure to let you know.

Have they even given the game an official genre yet? It looks amazing but I have no clue what the gameplay is supposed to be like
Suikoguy said:
aparently he is still the only inhabitant in that world
The day when there's more than one person in an Alan Wake shot will be glorious!

Angelic orchestras will play and everything.

KingJ2002 said:
this is a max payne sequel?

hmm... never would have guessed it.
Good 'cause it's wrong.
JB1981 said:
360 version w/ subpar framerate confirmed.

You know. Why you only speak bad in Xbox360 related threads? Goddamm....shiiit.

I'm sick of reading your posts.

FtsH said:
I heard it's only on Xbox360, never expected to see "Core 2 Quad" related to this game.

oh :lol

Its a Vista/360 game.
praise be to god. i wasn't expecting any new Alan Wake stuff until tomorrow. sad that we've been so starved for media of this game that two slides are exciting.

and, Remedy already made two great Max Payne games. let them make their Twin Peaks game, and let people like me that loved the Payne games and loved Twin Peaks enjoy the heck out of it.

i don't think there are bigger Twin Peaks fanboys than the Remedy gang. i wonder if they'll ever make a game that doesn't have numerous references.

screens look just like the Pacific Northwest, specifically the North Bend area. i can't wait :)

i didn't get to make my pilgrimage to North Bend this year, so it'll be good to visit that place and some of it's landmarks in game.


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This is the Xbox360's Afrika.

What the **** is it!???

If we don't have concrete details about gameplay after XO6, I'm going to have to hurt myself.