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New Bonk, Bomberman & more coming to WiiWare/XBLA/PSN


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So I was looking around on Hudson's website to see if the English minisite was up for Lost in Shadow (previously named Tower of Shadow). It wasn't listed on the main page so I started messing around with the urls to see if I could find it. I did, along with pages for several other games that as far as I know haven't been announced yet.

Bonk: Brink of Extinction (WiiWare/XBLA/PSN)

Bonk. Is. Back! Hudson's loveable caveman makes his long-awaited return and has brought his enormously giant head with him! Get ready for an all new adventure exclusively on Xbox LIVE®Arcade, Playstation®Network, and WiiWare™ in Spring 2010!

A doomsday comet, surrounded by smaller chunks of debris, is on a collision course with Earth. A strange magnetic field around the comet seems to be driving most of the planet’s weak-willed creatures crazy, and smaller bits of debris are smashing into the jungle near Bonk's home. Bonk must undertake a perilous journey that will take him to the very center of the planet to save the world.
The Return Of The Most Widely Requested Classic Platformer

• Story Mode with Co-Op play. Play alone or have a friend join you at any time!
• An entire new adventure with Bonk as he swims, bites, climbs, jumps, runs, and head-butts his way through jungles, deserts and volcanic caverns
• Search for help along the way: power ups, check points, and extra health are the staple for every adventuring caveman.
• Transformations are back and weirder than ever! Now Bonk can transform himself into eight different forms by eating meat or encountering Primordial Jelly. No enemy is safe from the boy with the super noggin!

New Features
• Online play for the first time in the series!
• New enemies with incredible variations in personalities and abilities. Beware the Raptor Unicycle Tank!
• Classic 2D platforming in a 3D world.
• Tons of collectibles will have you searching the entire prehistoric world.

Join us as we welcome Bonk back into our hearts! For those who haven't played the originals, you're in for a prehistoric side-scrolling adventure, the likes of which you've never seen! Coming soon for XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare.
(Click for larger pics)

Bomberman Live: Battlefest (WiiWare/XBLA/PSN)

(No title art yet)

Ready for more? The sequel to the immensely popular downloadable game brings more action, more multiplayer fun, more powerups, more modes, more maps, more costumes, more....everything! The classic Bomberman gameplay upgrades with new features (including the fan-requested Teams gameplay!) that will have you hooked on blasting friends online or locally. And with up to 8 players online, every match is guaranteed to be epic fun! With an array of gameplay options at your disposal, Bomberman Live: Battlefest is set to rock the house on Xbox LIVE® Arcade this Winter, and detonate on the Playstation®Network and WiiWare™ in 2010!


Assemble the crew. It's time to bring the bombs with your buddies and prove who's got the chops to hold the Team crown! Play locally or bring the pain online; it's more fun with friends!

New Modes!

All new ways to claim your Bomberman crown! Learn more about these team-only gameplay modes and how they'll change the way you play.

Protect the VIP! Two teams of four each have one VIP on their squad. Unfortunately, the VIP is so important, they can't set any bombs! You'll have to work together to defend with your other team mates who must escort the VIP to a designated point at the other end of the arena.

Capture the Flag
The classic multiplayer game is here in full form! Both teams have a flag so both teams will need to both attack and defend their flags as well. Coordinate effectively as a team to come out on top! It's CTF, Bomberman style!

Capture the Crown
First appearing in Bomberman Blast, Capture the Crown makes a triumphant return! Players start on the edges of the arena with one crown in the middle. The player who is able to hold onto the crown the longest wins!

It's points for power-ups! Players earn points for bombing other players, destroying blocks, and so on. The twist? Destroying blocks rarely yields a power-up. At the end of each match, you'll trade in your points gained for power-ups in the menu in between matches. Bomb wisely!

New Powerups!

5 all-new powerups make their debut! Will the power of the Cluster Bomb be your new go-to? Or will the destructive Laser Bomb be a game-changer? Veterans need not worry as all the classic powerups return in full force! Customization options allow you to pick and choose which power-ups appear in any given arena.

New Characters!

You thought you had choices before? Bomberman 2 packs 18 new costumes in addition to the original selection from Bomberman Live! Mix and match 3 costume pieces from Napoleon Bombaparte, Chef Bombardee, Sir Bombalot, and more! Make your Bomberman your own!

New Arenas!

The Bomberman battlegrounds have changed once again, this time with more tricks, gimmicks, and fun! From Adventure Island themed landscapes to the shape-shifting MultiMaze, no battle will ever be the same!

XBLA Avatar Support

Bring your avatar on to the battlefield with the XBLA version! Your avatar is no longer stuck on the menus, and can now run, throw, and bomb with all combatants on the map!
(Click for larger pics)

Rooms: The Main Building (WiiWare/DS)


Welcome to Rooms: The Main Building
Immerse yourself in a world unlike any other. Rooms: The Main Building is a breakthrough gaming experience coming to Nintendo Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ that cleverly blends brain-teasing adventure elements with a wholly unique world to create a journey unlike any other.

An Invitation from a Fantastical World
Your adventure begins when an invitation abruptly arrives at your doorstep and diverts you to an entrance of a world filled with mystic beauty. Getting there is the easy part, coming home will be the adventure.

In this new world, you’ll need to reach the exit of each of the 100+ rooms by sliding pieces of the rooms along a 2-D plane, forcing you to use all of your ingenuity to escape. Your character can move from room to room as long as there’s a path that isn’t blocked by a wall or obstacle. As you continue the adventure, you’ll encounter several tools that will introduce new elements. Use teleporters, wardrobes, hydrants, and other objects to navigate your way through. Blending the simple gameplay elements of classic brain-teasers with a mystical adventure and an art style all its own, Rooms: The Main Building delivers a mystery filled adventure that will leave you stunned.

• Designed for Nintendo: Point and Click Controls that are perfect for the Nintendo Wii Remote™ and the Nintendo DS Stylus™.
• Play inside of intuitive and amusing rooms as you use objects and your wits to escape from it.
• Over 100+ rooms to go through as you make your way through the buildings of this mystifying world.
• Includes a Level Editor to create your own levels!

Platform Specific Features:
Two player competition. Square off against another player: Items in rooms are placed so that you are racing against the opponent as they try to exit the room first. Players cannot enter the opponent’s area but the exit for both players is the same
Create AND share your levels: You have all the objects necessary to build your level from the beginning. Brag about the quality of the levels you’ve created by sharing them with your friends!

Oh, and here's the unfinished page for Lost in Shadow that I was originally looking for in case anyone is interested. There's some new screenshots but everything else is old news.

Lost in Shadow (Wii)
ooo New Bomberman. Will buy!

I know lots of people didn't like the XBLA version but I spent so much time playing it when it first came out.


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Bomberman for all systems sounds cool. Hope it isn't to much, I am a sucker for new bomberman games.
Bonk is a day one purchase for me, sure it has crappy graphics but so did Adventure Island: The Beginning (which I assume was developed by the same team) and I still had a lot of fun with that one.


Bonk looks like garbage and Bomberman like Bomberman. I guess I'll pass.

At least Tower of Shadow looks nice.
Bonk is alright. Not sure how it'll translate over the platforms. Co-op's nice.

Bomberman looks like Bomberman. If people liked the last version, this new one'll be good.

Rooms sounds like a very basic puzzler. No pictures makes me concerned.

Oh, and Tower of Shadow is a retail release, I thought.

We are still waiting for Diner Dash and Military Madness, so Rooms, Bonk, and Bomberman will be released on WiiWare next year definitely.


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.
Uh, the latter 2 titles say Wii and the first 2 say WiiWare, why is that? Are you sure they're WiiWare?


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Stumpokapow said:
lost in shadow isn't wiiware, by the way.
Ah, you're right.

jj984jj said:
Uh, the latter 2 titles say Wii and the first 2 say WiiWare, why is that? Are you sure they're WiiWare?

On the Rooms page near the top it lists the platform as both Wii and WiiWare but doesn't mention DS so who knows really.
I'd totally play a new Bonk game provided the level design is as good as in the first game but this looks indeed pretty damn bad, Bonk hasn't really been the same any more since they gave him that questionable makeover in Super Bonk 2.

Wasn't there a 2.5D Bonk game for PS2 or GC that looked pretty bad as well? I'mma google a bit.


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Ugh, much like Higgins they took the color and whimsicalness away from Bonk. Come on Hudson, you can do better.

OMG Aero

I think I might pass on Bomberman, that Bomberman game looks the exact same as Bomberman Live and I don't like the idea of paying just for team mode and other game modes I will never play anyway.


And this is why I loathe 3D. Bonk should not look like that. It's obviously the superfluous D that makes him look so ugly. There's no other explanation.

All jokes aside, as much as I look forward to a (maybe even better!) new Bomberman, the "tilted" 3D view makes me hesitate.

I'm gonna need footage. Lots and lots of footage.


Hell yes! This is great news! Not sure what the problem is with the visuals, but what were you expecting? This is a pretty good way for Hudson to reintroduce the character/franchise in a relatively low-risk kind of way and gauge interest for future titles. I think it looks fine and sort of exactly how I expected it to look. Of course, I'm a Bonk fanboy so I'll take what I can get.


Not sure what the problem is with the visuals, but what were you expecting?

Bonk I and II were absolutely beautiful in their day. And the worlds were incredibly stylized. This just looks... nothing like that. Seriously, it'd take me a week to properly animate Bonk in HD.

I don't mind the backgrounds so much, but they do not feel like Bonk's world.
Bonk looks yucky and Bomberman Battlefest looks more like Bomberman Live/Ultra than Bomberman Blast (Which was the better game by far)

I'm not overly convinced.


makes good threads.
FrostuTheNinja said:

That looks soooo much better and more lively. Still not a fan of the changes to the character designs (especially the normal angry Bonk look), but what the hell happened to the new one here? Is this one done by the same team that did that awful looking Adventure Island game hat came out this year. Kinda looks like it.
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