New Danganronpa V3 demo out on the JP PS Store

I'll be playing this tonight.
Getting Monokuma Coins and early skill(s?) unlock for the main game is a nice bonus.

I preordered the full game last week, not too much to wait now!


I wonder if the trial finished out since in the original demo, the trial stopped before the murderer was found.

the evidence for the murderer's identity was still present, it was hifumi


Beat the demo too. Didn't like the car driving minigame but everything else seems fun.

The trial introduces the usual nonstop debate, panic debate, 2 minigames and lie bullets before it ends abruptly. The debate never really moved beyond the three protagonists being most suspicious because three of them share the same room lol.

The murder was obviously just an acting.


The demo is nice except for the car driving as already said.

Any vita footage out there?
It's not much but I took 2 screenshots if that's any help :



What is Makoto doing here? I'm confused. Is this game supposed to be a sequel or a reboot?
Like the demo for DR1, it's not reflective of events in the final game. Both Makoto and Hinata show up to "support" the new protagonist and Hagakure is the victim like he was in the DR1 trial. When they get to the trial there's only 16 seats, so two of the proper characters sit it out.


Yes it's a fake story chapter using the cast + the previous heroes.

By the way, am I the only one to have weirdly "bad" quality for the voices ?
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