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New (?) Nintendo Interviews


Jun 10, 2004
Old? I don't hope so.

I'll copy the interviews, because you need an account to see them.

Goro Abe

Production Group No. 1
Software Planning & Development Department
Software Planning & Development Division
Nintendo Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan


Wario Ware series, including WarioLand 4, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ and WarioWare: Twisted! for Game Boy Advance; WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$ for Nintendo GameCube; and WarioWare: Touched! for Nintendo DS.

Time with Nintendo: 8 years
Q. Have you worked on all previous Wario Ware games?

A. Yes, most of them, as well as Wario Land 4 on the Game Boy Advance
Q. Can you explain some of the really cool micro games in Wario Ware: Smooth Moves?

A. One game you hold the Wii remote in one hand and pretend that there is a broom standing on your hand. You must move your hand around to keep the broom balanced. Another unique game you put the Wii remote on your head, and then squat up and down like you are exercising. Another is to put the Wii remote on your hip, and move around like playing with a hula hoop. There are many other games to play, such as swinging a sword, running and more.
Q. How do you come up with such ?crazy? and entertaining ideas for Wario Ware games?

A. There are many funny people on our teams coming up with lots of fun ideas. We like to take ideas from everyday life and transform them into new and entertaining ways to play.
Q. How do you think your family and friends that don?t normally play games will react to playing Wii for the first time?

A. I am currently developing Wario Ware imagining people that do not normally play games getting entertained in the party with everyone else playing Wario Ware. It is designed as a party style game, and everyone can play and have a lot of fun.
Q. How will Wario Ware: Smooth Moves use the Wii remote speaker?

A. We are using the speaker so that players will have a greater sense of being part of the game. In a tennis game you can hear the ball bouncing. There are games where the Wii remote makes a sound and you have to react to it in different ways.
Q. Will very young children be able to play Wario Ware: Smooth Moves?

A. We have made the game so it will be very enjoyable for all ages, even young kids that cannot play more complicated games.
Q. Which is your favourite game at the moment?

A. My favourite game is Brain Training. It has some really fun games that I can play quickly to get my mind off work in between a very busy work schedule.
Q. What is your Brain Age?

A. 21
Q. Can you tell our Australian members a little about your Nintendog?

A. I?m a little embarrassed to say but I am upset because I am not taking very good care of him now. E3 has been so busy. I hope he is still happy to see me when I get home.
Q. Your team is obviously working very long days to get Wario Ware finished. Do you ever get a night off to play games?

A. You bet! We often get time to sit down with each other and play games. We love testing our new Wario Ware games on Wii late at night and laugh at how each other plays when we are tired.
Q. How big is the development team for Wario Ware?

A. We have 20 to 30 people working on the game at one time; depending on what work needs to be completed.
Q. What is your favourite classic game?

A. The original Super Mario Bros. had a big impact on my life, and I love playing it even now.
Q. Can you tell our members what it is like working for Nintendo and making games?

A. As a company Nintendo?s main goal is to make entertainment and fun for the people. I really enjoy finding ways to make a lot of people laugh and have fun. Entertaining myself is also a part of my job, so it is a lot of fun to be a part of Nintendo.
Q. Nintendo has kept a lot of amazing secrets before E3. How do they keep the lid on such amazing information?

A. Everyone at Nintendo loves the company and do not want to ruin the big surprise.
Q. Do you have any secrets our members might be interested in?

A. They will have to wait until the play the final games on Wii for themselves to find out the best secrets.
Q. Are there any plans for Wario Ware to use the dual movement sensor controls in the Wii Remote and the Nunchaku attachment?

A. Yes, we are thinking of games where one player holds the remote, and the other holds the Nunchaku attachment and both players cooperate to solve the minigame.
Q. Are the any Multiplayer versus minigames planned?

A. Our basic concept is to have one player with one Wii remote, and have everyone enjoy watching other people play. There is a multiplayer mode where players pass on the Wii remote, which is great for parties. We are looking into other multiplayer modes, but the main focus at the moment is with one controller and having everyone enjoy that.
Q. Is Wario Ware a launch title for Wii?

A. We have announced that it will be launching within the 90 day launch period.
Q. Most Nintendo fans would agree that Nintendo games have very high levels of quality. How do you ensure each product has such a high level of quality?

A. Q. Nintendo spends a lot of resources and time on the final adjustment of a product. This fine tuning process increases the games quality drastically.
Q. How do you think people will react the first time they play Wario Ware?

A. I think they will have an unprecedented experience never seen before. Most people will laugh more than they have ever playing a game. They may be startled because it feels like they have something real in their hand, which will be a very new feeling in video games.
Q. What kind of games would you personally like to see on Wii?

A. As a gamer I would like to see games unlike anything I have ever seen before. I want to be surprised.
Q. Historically the lines in Japan for new Nintendo products are very long. How long do you think the lines will be for Wii?

A. Totally unimaginable.
Q. Can you tell our members what project you're planning after Wario Ware?

A. That is top secret, but will be a lot of fun!

Katsuya Eguchi

Manager/Producer of Software Development Group No. 2
EAD Software Development Department
Entertainment Analysis & Development Division
Nintendo Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan


Super Mario Bros. 3 ? Course Designer
Super Mario World ? Course Designer
Yoshi?s Story ? Course Designer
Starfox ? Director
Wave Race ? Director
Animal Crossing - Director
Animal Crossing: Wild World ? Producer

Time with Nintendo: 20 years
Q. WOW, you have made some of my favourite games! Which game are you most proud of?

A. I am proud of all of them, but my favourite is Animal Crossing. I have been with it since the very beginning.
Q. Did you come up with the concept for Animal Crossing?

A. There were a lot of people involved, but I was one of the key players in the conception and development of Animal Crossing.
Q. Which games are you developing for Wii?

A. Wii Sports and Wii Music.
Q. Wii sports is a lot of fun to play. Can you explain the process in refining the motion sensor controls of the Wii remote for this title?

A. The EAD team spend a lot of time playing the game to make sure it responds in the way that it should based on many different players movements. Some players like to make big movements, while others like to make small precise movements. We have to ensure that all movements will feel and react naturally in the game. This is very challenging but also a lot of fun.
Q. What challenges as a developer do you face making games that everyone will enjoy?

A. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when developing for a larger audience, especially when building a game for someone that has never played a game before. The main foundation of the game is to make it intuitive. With Wii sports we decided not to include complicated rules that may alienate players.
Q. Can you explain the technology behind the Wii remote and what makes it so unique?

A. The most prominent features are the motion sensors inside both the remote and the nunchaku attachment, which detect the player?s movement, as well as the pointer controls in the remote itself which can tell where a player is pointing. The speaker in the remote is also very new and exciting, offering new levels of immersion and fun to players.
Q. Are there any uses of the Wii remote that you think will really excite players?

A. With the inclusion of motion sensor control in the Wii remote, the play style has become much more direct and intuitive than ever before in video games. To support that the speaker is a natural evolution of player involvement. For example when playing baseball, you not only swing the bat and feel it shake when it hits the ball, you can also hear the ball hitting the bat, creating a more realistic experience for the player. When the Wii remote is a sword you can hear when it hits an object. Also in frantic multiplayer games, when you lose track of your character, the remotes speaker can act as a function to help you to locate your character quickly.
Q. Can you give our members an idea of the kind of available content that will be downloadable via Connect 24?

A. There are various applications, such as having other players visit your Animal Crossing village while you sleep, or even downloadable Nintendo DS demos. There are many other functions planned, but they are all top secret.
Q. Is there any connectivity planned between Wii and Nintendo DS?

A. There are exciting plans in the works, but they are all top secret at the moment.
Q. Do you play Nintendo DS?

A. Yes, when I am not busy making games, which is not as often as I would like.
Q. Can you tell our nintendo.com.au members about your Nintendog?

A. Q. I have a Shiba Inu called Pon. Because I am so busy he does not get as much attention as he would like, so does not really listen to me, unless we play Frisbee for a while.
Q. What is your Brain Age in Dr. Kawashima?s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?

A. I have not checked in a while, but last time I checked it was 43.
Q. Do you and your team ever get a night off from work to play your games?

A. We work very hard, so it is not easy to find time. Some of my team, like true gamers will always make the time and go home after a very long day and still play for hours. That is OK with me, as long as they can work the next day.
Q. What is your favourite game on Wii?

A. My favourite game so far is Excite Truck. The controls are very simple and fun, and remind me a lot of one of my all time favourites, Excitebike.
Q. Is there a favourite classic game you are looking forward to downloading on the Virtual Console?

A. Super Mario Bros. and the original Legend of Zelda.
Q. What is your experience when playing Wario Ware: Smooth Moves?

A. I can?t help but laughing when I play it. People around me laugh even more. I can?t wait to get the final version home to my family and friends, that will be fun!
Q. Can you explain how it feels to have been making games for 20 years that so many people have enjoyed?

A. I have had a lot of fun developing games, as well as playing games myself. Providing so many other people that experience is something I am very proud of.
Q. How important is fun to Nintendo when making games?

A. Nintendo is always looking to provide new levels of fun and all new gaming experiences that entertain people like never before. This is the core of Nintendo?s philosophy, and the ideal that Nintendo developers personally strive for as well.
Q. As a self confessed Zelda fan, are you looking forward to Playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess when it is finished?

A. As I mentioned before I really look forward to seeing people that don?t normally play games enjoy Wii. But at the same time Nintendo is very focused on making incredible games for our legions of hard-core fans. As one of those, I cannot wait to explore the new Zelda, without a doubt one of the best games we have ever created.
Q. Which new control elements on the Wii were you most excited with by Zelda?

A. Using the Bow and Arrow to point and shoot made me feel like I was truly in the game and ?pushing? the Nunchaku controller forward to do the spin attack was very satisfying. Through the freehand control I felt like I had truly become Link, rather than just controlling him.
Q. Have you had a chance to play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption?

A. Ahh, no, but I cannot wait. I am thinking of taking a few days off work to play it if I can.
Q. Which genre of game you would personally really like to play on Wii?

A. I am a big lover of games, but what I really look forward to is experiencing games with my family. I want games that bring groups of people together to have fun together.

Takashi Tezuka

General Manager of EAD Software Development
Department Entertainment Analysis & Development Division
Nintendo Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan


Entire Super Mario series
Entire Zelda series
Entire Yoshi series
Entire Animal Crossing series
New Super Mario Bros. ? Producer
Wii games ? Advisor/Supervisor

Time with Nintendo: 22 years

Introduction: For those of you that have an affinity with Master Swords, Mushrooms and everyone?s favourite green dinosaur, we introduce one of the main men to thank, Mr Takashi Tezuka.

The Mushroom Kingdom has two Kings. For those Nintendo fans out there that know Mr Shigeru Miyamoto as the King of Nintendo development, I would like to introduce the heir to the throne, Mr Takashi Tezuka. Mr Tezuka has worked alongside Mr Miyamoto to bring you the best games of all time over that last 20 years. These brothers in arms are the main inspiration behind Nintendo?s greatest creations.
Q. Can you please explain what being a General Manager of EAD entails?

A. As General Manager I oversee the everyday workings of developing many projects, which covers a great many things. As a developer I also offer lot of guidance on many projects. Over the last 22 years Mr Miyamoto and I have worked together and assisted each other on many different projects.
Q. You mentioned you helped developed the Yoshi character. He is one of Australia?s favourite characters, especially in Mario Kart DS. Can you explain why Yoshi is so popular?

A. Yoshi has appeared in so many games because he is such a popular character since the day he first appeared. I think it is because we had so much fun creating him that so many people have so much fun playing as him.
Q. What is your favourite game that Nintendo is developing for Wii?

A. Wii Sports Tennis. The thing is that not much has changed since our first development tests. It was fun when we started and it?s fun now.
Q. As a developer, how much fun do you have developing games for Wii as opposed to traditional games?

A. In a technical sense developing games for Wii is very easy. On the other hand developing games for the motion sensor Wii remote has provided our developers with a lot of inspiration, motivation, momentum and passion to create all new styles of games. It?s very easy to come up with simple ideas that expand quickly to become fully fledged concepts that will entertain players in all new ways. It?s very exciting to work with such a fun product with so much potential for new ways to play.
Q. Can you explain Super Mario Galaxy to our members?

A. This game is being developed by the same Tokyo team that developed DK Jungle Beat. They were very keen to make a Wii game, and after proving they could make a very new and entertaining game unlike anything else previously seen, we all decided they should work on the new Mario title. The director of Super Mario Sunshine is heading up this project. After much experimentation they have come up with an all new way to control Mario using the Wii interface. Along with Mr Miyamoto, who is producing the title, they devised a game style using the unique Wii controls where players would control Mario around the many spheres and planets players will see in Super Mario Galaxy.
Q. Will Yoshi make an appearance?

A. I would like him to! (wink, wink)
Q. Can you please explain the new control elements in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess?

A. As you know this project has been developed all along for the Nintendo GameCube. Due to the development schedule and release timing we felt we could incorporate unique Wii controls into the game. Luckily for us the way Link traditionally uses and selects items translates perfectly into what the Wii remote offers. Selecting items is now truly natural and does not interrupt the game as it used to, and using items is more intuitive and fun than was ever possible. Using the pointing device Link can also interact with his environment unlike ever before. Just wait until you go fishing, you really feel like you are casting away and reeling them in.
Q. Can you explain why you decided not to have basic sword functions controlled by swinging the Wii remote?

A. It seems like a natural fit, but as we all know Link has to swing his sword a lot. This could get tiring for players after many hours. We didn?t want to add motion sensor controls just for the sake of it; we had to decide what is best for the player.
Q. What do you think will really excite Zelda fans?

A. The new art style is much more realistic than ever before. Players will see an attention to detail that will surprise them in many ways. Our artists have spent a lot of work and time on putting details in what some would think is insignificant, but really makes a big difference overall. It is one of the most beautiful games Nintendo have ever created. We have a lot of know how in creating the unique Zelda play style, and have added a whole lot more that fans will find is a lot of fun to play. Link also transforms into a wolf, which adds a whole new feel and element to this classic series. Be prepared, this game will really excite any Zelda fan out there.
Q. Can you explain the Twilight Princess character (Midna) to us in more detail?

A. I would love to tell you, but at Nintendo we hold true to our belief of never ruining the game experience. You will find out many secrets about Midna when you get play the game. I would hate to be the man to ruin the surprise?
Q. On the show floor we were blown away to play a demo version of Duck Hunt using the Wii remote to point and shoot. Will Duck Hunt make a return, or are you just teasing us?

A. I don?t want to give away all of our secrets. We?ll have to wait and see?
Q. A. At the E3 press conference you spoke about the potential of Connect 24 to download all new styles of content. Is there the potential to download exciting software such as a Duck Hunt minigame?

A. Technically speaking that is something we could do, but I do not know if there are any plans like that. We?ll have to wait and see.
Q. Nintendogs has been an incredible success worldwide, and I know in Australia we have a lot of trainers that love their dogs. Can you tell us a little about your Nintendog?

A. I have a real dog. His name is Pochi. I tried playing with my Nintendog around Pochi. He does not get jealous, but I feel bad training my Nintendog when Pochi is in the room. I only play with my Nintendog at work, and as I am always so busy he does not get much attention. Pochi is always happy to see me when I get though, so that?s OK.
Q. As a games developer, how much more potential is there to create fantastic games with Wii?

A. The potential is pretty much unlimited. We have only just started to develop games for Wii and have already seen some amazing games come through, not only from Nintendo, but 3rd party developers as well. I think we are going to see a lot more creative ideas come through with what can be achieved through the Wii remote and its attachments.
Q. Are the any family and friends you are looking forward to playing Wii with?

A. My parents don?t play games at all, but I think Wii will really get them interested, and they will have a lot of fun with some of the games we have to offer.
Q. What do you have to say to all of the long term Nintendo players out there that won?t be able to spend personal time on their games such as Zelda and Metroid now that their girlfriends and parents now want to play?

A. That means we were successful. Have fun on your own, or with your family and friends.
Q. Can you give nintendo.com.au members an idea of what titles will be available at launch?

A. That information has not been released yet, and I don?t get to decide that anyway, I am too busy making games. All I can tell your members is that they will enjoy games in ways they never believed when they play Wii at launch.
Q. Nintendo has always prided themselves as the leading force in fun and quality in video games. Can you explain how important fun and quality are to Nintendo?

A. There are many elements that equal fun and quality, such as presentation, experience and control. The most important thing to understand is fun. If it is not fun, then a certain quality is lacking. At Nintendo we are all about fun, and invest a lot of time and resources making sure our players always have fun. We have all had a lot of fun developing Wii, and can?t wait for players to share our experience in ways they have never seen before.
Q. We have a lot of hardcore Nintendo fans as members. Can you tell them what your favourite classic game is?

A. Animal Crossing is one of my all time favourite games as it was such a leap out from the ordinary style of game, and included a lot of people that did not normally play games. It is a great game for a lot of people to enjoy for the long term on many different levels and have a great time with.

I also love the New Super Mario Bros. It?s really allowed me to pull my shirt sleeves up and get right back into creating classic style games, and I really enjoyed it, as I?m sure all Nintendo players will.

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