New PS5 revisions appear in AUS, new disc revision now weighs the same as a launch digital edition.

See above. I can hear the PS5 coil whine sitting on my couch in a silent scene, in menus, the Home Screen or a loading screen etc. Its annoying is all.
And i'm not saying you're wrong or lying. All i'm saying is saying this "is a thing on every PS5" is wrong. That's all. Some units did have the issue of loud coil whine though. Unfortunately you had it too.
And i'm not saying you're wrong or lying. All i'm saying is saying this "is a thing on every PS5" is wrong. That's all. Some units did have the issue of loud coil whine though. Unfortunately you had it too.
No, I do not agree. Its every unit, people just don't hear it for one reason or another.

I statistically can't be the guy who always gets loud lemons. Be it every console I ever owned, TVs, AVR's, computer screens, etc. Every time I go online to check for noise there's people telling me I have a lemon. And believe me, I replaced things like mad until I realized some products are simply build in a way that's not perfectly silent and I have to optimize them myself or place them in such a way that its not a problem for me anymore. There is a perfectly fine reason why MS spend money on goo on their board but Sony did not.


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Coil whine sounds nothing like a fan/hair dryer. Here's an example and also explanation:

And here's another one:

I could find you ten more easily.

Now these are obviously very amplified, it's not that loud in reality, and of course you can also hear the fan and sometimes the disc drive in these videos. But that's unrelated, the coil whine is the very obvious buzzing sound that's separate from the fan noise.

What I mostly hear from my PS5 is the coil whine (which is pretty much constant when a game is running) and the disc drive (which is intermittent). The fan is usually rather quiet, the coil whine can usually be easily heard over it. And it's very easy to tell which is which, again, they're completely different noises.

Maybe some dumbasses put up fake videos, but this is a very real issue. I don't know why you're trying to debunk it.

Why the fuck would I pretend to have an issue like that? What's wrong with you?
I guess it's a lottery then, because mine doesn't sound anything like that and I doubt I'm an annomily. I sit maybe three feet away when gaming and the only sound I hear is the disc spinning up when loading. Also I have very sensitive hearing.



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Every electronic device is going up in price as we speak, specially outside of america. Look at all Iphones, even the basic iPhone 14 which is the same as last year's iPhone 13 is now 1000 euros in europe. Ndivda cards announced last week...if you check those prices outside of america you may have a heart attack.

All Sony devices in general went up in prices as well, not just PS5. This wasn't a Playstation decision. It was a Sony decision unfortunately.

But the reason for that is mostly greed.
Lots of these tech companies had huge profits in 2020-2022, due to covid restrictions and mining. Demand was very high, so prices rose.
But they now refuse to go back to a normal market.


I only thing I don't understand is Austin's power consumption numbers.

Launch model (1000) is around 200W.

Even Digital Foundry seems skeptical.
DF Direct Weekly: what should we expect from the new PS5 CFI-1200 revision?
From my perspective, it is the power consumption numbers that are most interesting. Evans talks about a reduced power draw compared to the prior units he's tested, but the nature of the observation is inconclusive in that his CFI-1100 power draw number was actually higher than his figure taken from the launch unit, while this one is correspondingly lower. Fundamentally, the silicon did not change between CFI-1000 and CFI-1100, so is this reduced power draw actually down to a chip revision? Or is it simply down to variances in the quality of the silicon - which can change on a per chip basis? Or maybe Sony has moved onto lower power memory modules? Regardless, a power consumption figure in or around 200W is still in the broad ballpark of the launch machine.

We definitely need a reliable source other than Austin.
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Or maybe yours is defective and not everyone's PS5 is like that?
You have multiple people in here saying theirs don't have that issue. I know people that do have it...

Also if to hear this you need to be in a "mute room" and "put your ear on top of the fan under a heavy load game to hear it" then it's the same noise every electronic device like this does. Nothing out of the ordinary. And since no one plays like this i'm sure i'll be fine.

I did try that just now with TLOU1 in a "mute room" and i could hear a very faint noise coming out of the PS5 but i have to literally put my ear glued to where the fans are. As soon as i sit down i can't hear it even with my TV on mute.
It’s like talking to a dead horse I swear …


So, I'm getting my second PS5 and it will be the newest revision.

Any news on coil whine or is everything the same?
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