Nintendo ending various Wii channel services on 6/28


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Never understood why they didnt put those services also on 3DS or WiiU...i mean they are already there ? Why not port them to you current systems ?
Ah, I'll miss the Nintendo Channel. Fun times, plus DS demos.

Never understood why they didnt put those services also on 3DS or WiiU...i mean they are already there ? Why not port them to you current systems ?
Less need for dedicated applications for news/weather with the web browser.

Wii U eShop replaces the Nintendo Channel.


Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
Shame, really.

The way the globe spinned in the news channel was kinda cool.
Will give a few more votes on "Everybody Votes" for old time's sake.

What is the Digicam Print channel? That better not be the photo channel. I still use it on Wii regularly. (In fact, that and gamecube games are the only reason I still have it connected.)

I do think the Wii U could do with some apps like these.


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
Hope they do keep the Wii Shop open for awhile... I'm actually buying things on there!

Turns out the original Wii VC is the best way to play rare games in 240p. (Alien Soldier $200+? No...)
B-b-but the Nintendo Channel has the Wii's Activity Log in it!

I HAVE to have a activity log! Just ask anyone whos seen me post about how much I love my activity log!

Fuck! I am gonna have to write down the entire AL before it gets shut down. THATS OVER TWO HUNDRED TITLES! At least they gave me a good heads up...

Also, the Wii is truly dead in Ninetndo's eyes. Long live the Wii Mini!
Fun little distractions, and the news view was pretty neat where you could spin it around and it showed all the news for each location as a stack of paper sized to the amount of news.

All the data for the interesting ones was supplied by third parties so I'm going to venture a guess and say their contract expired for those services.
we used to use my friend's mii for check mii out every single time. at some point, we think people started catching on, since his mii would get high in the rankings for things like, mona lisa or wise old man. we would do everybody votes pretty regularly too and argue over what would come in first.
I hated the Everyone Votes channel, but I liked the activity log in the Nintendo Channel and getting Miis from the Check Mii Out channel. I guess if we can't use Wii Connect 24 anymore, the Wii Speak channel will also be useless now?
They're shutting down the Nintendo Channel? That's too bad, it was nice to have all those videos there. I hope they're backed up somewhere, or are on Youtube, or something... and yeah, the DS Demos section of it was nice too. I only wish that they didn't mostly time out. Seriously, time-limited-availability demos which you cannot save are the worst!

Also, Nintendo Week was pretty good stuff. I watched it frequently. I didn't really use any of those other channels, but the Nintendo Channel I did check every once in a while, when my Wii was actually hooked up to the internet (which is rare).
My parents really liked the voting channel. I kind of liked it too. I hope they do something like it on Wii U. I mean, we all know how badly the Wii U needs things to do on it.
Activity log is a great feature. Can't believe they are going to get rid of it.

They should create a new channel just for the activity log.