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Nintendo Switch: March 3rd 2017 worldwide, MSRP $300

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300 dollars = closer to 349e here in Finland. That plus paid online? Yeah the rest of this stream doesn't matter anymore to my decision to get this or not get this. No way I'm getting it that expensive and with paid online.


He weirdly said $299 in "North America" I thought. I'd be shocked if that was the case, but I didn't see anything about other currencies

Yeah "europe check your local retailers" tells us nothing. Will probably be a direct conversion though. :( so €299 probably.


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how is this thing not 200 with a 250 game bundle

Guess Nintendo wants to keep gouging their customer base.


Wait, I missed the paid online thing... that's a joke, right? Right?!?! Tell me that's a fucking joke right now!


Sad to see the reactions here. After Wii U's failure, I wanted to see Nintendo bounce back. Maybe they still will, but... man.


I don't understand how having a portable Wii U-level system is a no-go for people but $250 is just right??

I think $300 is just fine for what we're getting. That's a great price for the graphical fidelity, especially compared to other portable systems.


Here's my question: how is this price supposed to sway the handheld gamer that likes to play pokeymans, mon hun and such? This is a home console price as hell.


I think paid online is the real DOA marker here, though I'm surprised they went with the 299 price tag. I winced a little upon that announcement.
This is a particularly questionable price if it's not bundled with a game. You can get a PS4 right now for the same price with Uncharted 4 or Infinite Warfare or you can get a Xbox One with Gears 4 or Battlefield 1. Are they seriously going to just launch it as a standalone console?

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I really want everyone to know how much more Titanfall 2 sold than Nioh. It was a staggering amount.
I really hope my
company has enough money to buy Nintendo


Too high, no handheld has ever did well for over 200 and when comparing it with other consoles it's still expensive.

Add in paid online and it's unfortunate too expensive for my personal tastes as well.
Unfortunate, was looking forward for it.
Sony has proven that no one cares if online is paid, if Microsoft hadn't made it clear before then.

LOL JOKE POST? Nintendo's online service is RIDICULOUSLY BAD. You don't buy Nintendo consoles to play online. The community is always so small that it's not worth charging for it. Not sure WTF was Nintendo thinking here other than "How can we inflate the price even more?".


I guess they saw all those sweet Xbox Live and PSN Plus subscriptions and wanted in on that. Shame though, they could've gone free and standout in the crowd.
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