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Nintendo Switch: new Firmware update available (Ver. 2.1.0)


So, here it is... first post-launch Firmware udpate for the Nintendo Switch. Brings the Firmware to Ver. 2.1.0, but.. not sure what it does just yet. No patch notes available as of writing.

None of the Support pages have been updated so far (JP and NA), but keeping an eye out on 'em.

Can definitely expect some security and bug fixes, though.

Fake update:

General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience



We can never be too stable.

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Perhaps this fixes the resource drain that the Fast RMX devs were talking about?

There are also a number of small glitches and features that I'd like to see fixed and added, respectively, but I'm guessing that's more of a 3.0 type of update.


PS4 better watch out. Switch off to a hot start with a stability update mere weeks after launch.

In Ars Technica fashion if they keep up this pace they'll eclipse PS4's stability by April 2021

I left my charts at home. Just take this info at face value.


If all this does is block the browser hack, while we still can't backup our saves...

Oh, who am I kidding. That's exactly what it is, isn't it?
Somebody wanna check fast rmx, botw, and other game framerate+resolution performances? Could supposedly fix the GPU performance glitch for those games. I won't be to check for another 2.5 hours. /:
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