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Nippon Ichi Software announces roguelike strategy RPG Bar Stella Abyss for PS5, PS4, and Switch

Nippon Ichi Software has announced roguelike strategy RPG Bar Stella Abyss for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch. It will launch on February 29, 2024 in Japan.

Get the first details below.

■ Specifications

  • Title: Bar Stella Abyss
  • Genre: Roguelike strategy RPG
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch
  • Release Date: February 29, 2024 (Japan)
  • Players: One
  • Price: 7,200 yen (without tax) / 7,920 yen (with tax)
  • Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software
  • Development Manager: Shunsuke Minowa
  • Planning and Concept / Art Director: Yu Mizokami
  • Character Design: Mio Katsumata
  • CERO Rating: Pending
  • Official Website: nippon1.jp
  • Official Hashtag: #BARステラアビス

■ Game Overview

Bar Stella Abyss is a roguelike strategy RPG in which you strengthen your party with the power of the constellations while exploring a dungeon in another world that changes form each time you play. In addition to exploring the other world, the story will unravel as you share drinks with the peculiar patrons of the bar “Stella Abyss.”

■ Story

Stella Abyss is a hidden bar tucked away in the corner of the city. The protagonist, tired out by their day to day, is guided there by a flyer floating in the wind and opens its doors.

“You seem to be extremely exhausted. Allow me to make you something right away.”

Drunk on the cocktail he ordered as recommended by the bartender, the protagonist fell asleep.

The hungover protagonist woke up to an unfamiliar voice echoing in their head. Before them was a mysterious creature floating in the air, and a magical scene of flowers in bloom.

This is the “Drunken World,” the dream of a drunk person. The protagonist was robbed of their face and arm, and left trapped in this dream world.

■ Characters

(voiced by Nanako Mori)
A wanderer who lost their face and arm.

The protagonist, who arrives at the hidden bar Stella Abyss after following a flyer floating in the wind through the city at night. In order to get back the face and arm they lost in the Drunken World, they must go back and forth between the bar and other world.

Master (voiced by Ayaka Shimizu)
Owner of the hidden bar Stella Abyss.

“Welcome to the bar Stella Abyss.”

A gentle-mannered woman adored by her regulars. She also seems to know about the Drunken World. She offers all sorts of advice to the protagonist, who is taken aback by the sudden events.

Tipsy (voiced by Michiyo Murase)
A servant of the Drunken World’s god.

“Humans really are stupid to drink so much more than they can handle.”

A creature who saves the protagonist after wandering into the Drunken World and names them “Wanderer.” They do whatever they can to help catch the thief who stole the protagonist’s face and arm.

■ System

Explore the Drunken World You Reach After Drinking Yourself Unconscious

The Drunken World is said to exist in countless numbers like stars. The protagonist Wanderer travels around this profoundly mysterious world to get back their lost face and arm.

—Dungeons are scattered with facilities that will aid in your exploration, including an observatory where you can obtain enhanced skills, and shops where you can purchase items. It is up to the player to decide which facilities to progress through.

—If you encounter any of Stella Abyss’ regulars in the Drunken World, you can add them to your party. With their help, aim to reach the depths of the Drunken World.

—When you use up all your strength in the Drunken World, you will wake up in the bathroom of Stella Abyss. Equipment aside, all items will be lost and your level will return to its initial state.

Turn-Based Strategy RPG Battles

When you encounter the monsters that roam about the Drunken World, the fight will shift to a tile-based battle map. Combat progresses like a turn-based strategy RPG. Choose your actions while paying attention to the enemy’s weaknesses and placement, as well as terrain effects.

Strengthen Characters with the Power of Constellations

As you explore, you will obtain “Stella,” which are the powers of the constellations. By setting a Stella to a character’s skill, its performance can be enhanced in ways such as expanded attack range, additional power, or granting additional attributes.

There are around 130 different Stella that will randomly appear, and up to four can be equipped for a single skill, but all Stella will reset once your run ends. Try out different combinations of Stella for every run.

For example, by combining the Stella “Double Backstep,” which allows you to move back two tiles, and “High-Speed Firing,” which increases your power the further away you are from an enemy, you can create a skill that deals high damage while also keeping a safe distance from the enemy.

Smooth Conversation and Exploration Through the Power of Alcohol

By sharing drinks with the other regulars, you can gain effects that will aid you on your journey in the Drunken World.

—Stella Abyss has several regulars that come in for a drink. Talk to those that pique your interests and share a table.

The Patrons of Stella Abyss

The men and women of Stella Abyss. They will also appear in the Drunken World, where only those who “lost something important” are said to reach, and help out the protagonist.

From left to right, the regular patrons include:

  • Kaji (voiced by Hiroshi Watanabe)
  • Baran (voiced by Hiromu Mineta)
  • Kilka (voiced by Mikoi Sasaki)
  • Cas (voiced by Momoyo Koyama)
  • Leona (voiced by Honoka Kuroki)
  • Maia (voiced by Riho Sugiyama)
  • Ginga (voiced by Mutsuki Iwanaka)
  • Saotome (voiced by Takaki Otomari)
Enjoy Conversation with the Regulars

By sharing a table with the regulars at Stella Abyss, you can enjoy conversation. There are four prompts you can choose from as reactions during a conversation, including “Agree,” “Disagree,” “Laugh,” and “Doubt,” as well as the additional option of “Drink” for a total of five options. Choose the most appropriate reaction to match the other person’s feelings and drive the conversation forward.

—If you make a comment that disrupts the flow of the conversation or offends the other person, the conversation will not flourish and your time drinking together will end.

—If you choose “Drink” too much, your vision will blur and you will be forced into the Drunken World. Be sure to pace yourself when drinking…

The Hidden Effects of Cocktails

The cocktails of Stella Abyss will bestow special effects that will aid you in the Drunken World. There are various effects, from granting additional experience points to increasing the appearance rate of certain Stella. Order cocktails that match your exploration style.

—If your conversation flourishes while sharing a table, you can order additional cocktails. Two drinks, three drinks… the effects will accumulate the more you drink, allowing you to explore the dungeon with an advantage.

—There are over 300 cocktails. By spending the money you collect in the Drunken World, you can unlock cocktails with more powerful effects.

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■ Box Art

■ First-Print Bonus

First-print copies of the physical edition will include a download code for the digital mini soundtrack, which contains eight tracks carefully selected from the game’s background music.

■ Nippon1.jp Shop Limited Edition

The Nippon1.jp Shop Limited Edition includes:

A copy of the JP game release
  • Soundtrack CD – Three discs. Includes every background music track from the game.
  • Visual art book – 44 pages, B6-size. Includes artwork from the game.
  • Special Box – Can be used to store the soundtrack CD and visual art book.
  • Acrylic art board – A5 size.
  • Pre-orders are available here: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch.


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A roguelike strategy RPG...

...that's weeb ****.



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I wanted to like Disgaea 7 so bad but 5 is objectively better. I always liked NIS for being weird but they kinda lost their way.


Certainty an interesting premise, I am curious how a rogue like strategy RPG based combat will turn out though. I will be keeping an eye on this one.


Loves his juicy stink trail scent
Sent this to a booze hound otaku bud. This is right up his alley.

I’m gonna keep my eye on it.
Nippon Ichi Software has released new information and screenshots for roguelike strategy RPG Bar Stella Abyss introducing patrons Maia, Kaji, Kilka, and Saotome, a selection of cocktails, dungeon survival tips, and the digital mini soundtrack.

Get the details below:
■ What is Bar Stella Abyss?

Bar Stella Abyss is a roguelike strategy RPG in which you strengthen your party with the power of the constellations while exploring a dungeon in another world that changes form each time you play. In addition to exploring the other world, the story will unravel as you share drinks with the peculiar patrons of the bar “Stella Abyss.”

Wanderer (voiced by Nanako Mori)
A wanderer who lost their face and arm.

The protagonist, who arrives at the hidden bar Stella Abyss after following a flyer floating in the wind through the city at night. In order to get back the face and arm they lost in the Drunken World, they must go back and forth between the bar and other world.

■ The Patrons of Stella Abyss

To make your way through this Drunken World filled with powerful monsters, you will need allies who fight alongside you. Here we will introduce some of the Stella Abyss patrons who appear in the Drunken World, where only those who “lost something important” are said to reach, and lend their strength to Wanderer.

Maia (voiced by Riho Sugiyama)
A bewitching woman with a veil of secrets.

“Secrets are the spices that make life appealing… are they not essential to living a happy life?”

A mysterious woman who keeps everything secret, including her work, residence, and age. Whenever she has a conversation, she comes off as eager to know everything about the person she is talking to, while skillfully avoiding any discussion about herself. Despite her secrecy and masking of her true feelings, she does have a caring side that tries to lend a hand to the troubled Wanderer.

Kaji (voiced by Hiroshi Watanabe)
A smart businessman with a mature charm.

“Well then, let’s have a toast… to meeting each other.”

An elite businessman who always has a smile on his face and acts gentlemanly. He naturally captivates others with his advanced communication skills and mature charm. He is friendly with everyone he meets and worries about Wanderer, who is caught up in a predicament.

Kilka (voiced by Mikoi Sasaki)
A mysterious beauty who wanders the Drunken World.

“I’m not used to things like conversing in a place such as this.”

A woman who works with Tipsy to explore the Drunken World for a certain purpose. Even in Stella Abyss, her eye-catching beauty has secretly garnered attention, but she is not one to actively engage with the other patrons. She has a quiet personality and responds in a curt manner when spoken to. She is not a fan of alcohol.

Saotome (voiced by Takaki Otomari)
A drunken man with a sharp tongue.

“You must be quite honest to go through the trouble of questioning my lies.”

A curt, self-proclaimed freelance writer with a drinking problem who frequents the Drunken World. He has a blunt attitude and is often sarcastic. He uses rough language with Wanderer when they first meet, but his phrasing shows a high level of intelligence and insight.

■ A Mysterious Corpse in the Darkness of Its Heart: Dark Clouds Gather Over the Bar

During the time you spend together, the patrons of Stella Abyss will tell you many things. Wanderer’s conversations with them will open and, at times, close their hearts, revealing the darkness within them and their other faces.

And a serious incident that occurred at Stella Abyss some time ago.

—A terrible incident occurred at Stella Abyss, which was thought to be a safe place…?

An unsettling shadow hides in the midst of your conversations with patrons. A mysterious incident that occurred at the bar; the reason why Wanderer was robbed of their body… All may be revealed in the Drunken World.

■ Real Cocktails Recreated In-Game

Bar Stella Abyss features real cocktails like “gin and tonic” and “cassis orange,” which will aid you in your quest to clear dungeons. As you progress through the story, more cocktails will unlock in the cocktail tree, with an approximate total of 300 cocktails. Here we will introduce a small selection.

Screwdriver: Level Difference Power-Up

This classic cocktail increases the amount of damage you deal when you are weaker than the enemy.

Mohito: Poisoned Status Ailment Infliction Level-Up

A refreshing cocktail made with fresh lime and mint. It inflicts a stronger poison than normal when you inflict the poisoned status ailment.

Picador: One-Turn Stats-Up

The coffee liqueur suppresses the tequila flavor, making this an easy-to-drink cocktail. It significantly increases your stats for just one turn at the start of battle.

■ Tips on Surviving the Drunken World

Here we will introduce some tips on surviving the Drunken World, an unknown dungeon where dangerous enemies lurk. You will be able to clear dungeons more seamlessly if you know how to choose the right “Stella” to strengthen your skills, as well as what to look out for while exploring.

Stack Stella to Level Them Up

If you obtain the same Stella as one you already have set, you can stack it on top of the existing Stella in the same slot to level it up. Stella can be strengthened without altering the number of available slots, so whenever you obtain a duplicate Stella, it is a good idea to stack them and create a more powerful Stella.

—By increasing a Stella’s level, both its stats and amount of MP it consumes will increase. So be mindful as Skill Stella will not activate if you lack the required MP.

Collect the Same Constellations to Get Bonuses

Each Stella belongs to one of the 13 constellations of the zodiac, such as Capricorn and Virgo. By setting multiple Stella of the same constellation to one character, that character will receive power-up bonuses called “Stars.”

—The contents of a Star varies per constellation, but they always carry an effect and increase the character’s capabilities.

Watch Your Energy Consumption

In the Drunken World, you will consume “Dream Energy” based on your actions. When your Dream Energy reaches zero, your entire party’s HP will begin to gradually decrease. While it is a good idea to explore every nook and cranny of the dungeon, be sure to keep an eye on your energy as well.

—Dream Energy can be recovered through items, as well as at rest areas alongside HP and MP.

An Eerie Siren Signals the Arrival of a Formidable Foe

If you stay on the same floor for too long, an eerie siren will sound, warning you of an impending attack by “Buzzerman.” Buzzerman’s strength sets him apart from other enemies, so it is a good idea to make your way to the next floor quickly before the encounter.

—Buzzerman’s overwhelming strength can take you out before you even have a chance to retaliate.

Customize Equipment to Make It Your Own

Depending on the rarity of the equipment, empty slots can be used to strengthen it. At the “Forge” located in the dungeon, you can use the items in your possession as materials to add effects to your equipment that enhance their performance.

—Through repeated strengthening at the Forge, you can create equipment with numerous additional effects.

Protect Important Items by Placing Them in the “Storage Chest”

If you run out of energy while exploring, you will lose all items in your possession. However, items stored in the “Storage Chest” located in the dungeon will not be lost, and can be retrieved from the chest in Stella Abyss.

Gain the Upper Hand in Battle with Preemptive and Link Attacks

By attacking an enemy on the field, you can begin the battle with the first move despite the enemy’s speed. However, if an enemy attacks you from behind on the field, the battle will begin with the enemy going first.

When an ally attacks an enemy, if another ally is positioned in a way that they can reach they enemy with an attack, there is a fixed chance that a Link Attack will trigger, leading to a follow-up attack. Link Attacks do not consume a turn, so they can be used to more quickly eliminate enemies when activated.

Treasures Hidden in Fields Full of Enemies

In the Drunken World, which changes each time you visit, you may come across fields full of enemies known as the “Spirits Hall.” By defeating the swarm of enemies that attack all at once, you will have a chance to obtain a treasure chest. If you think you can handle it, then give it a try.

—When fighting against a swarm of enemies, positioning is more important than ever.

■ First-Print Bonus: Digital Mini Soundtrack

First-print copies of the physical edition of Bar Stella Abyss includes a download code for a digital soundtrack featuring eight background music tracks from the game.

Track List

  1. “BAR STELLA ABYSS” composed by Kazuya Takasu
  2. “Aqua World -battle ver.-” composed by Yoh Ohyama (ZIZZ STUDIO)
  3. “Walk in the Ashes -battle ver.-” composed by Yoh Ohyama (ZIZZ STUDIO)
  4. “rainshower18:00 -battle ver.-” composed by xaki (ZIZZ STUDIO)
  5. “dear Marionette” composed by xaki (ZIZZ STUDIO)
  6. “Snowflake Fairy -field ver.-” composed by Makoto Akamiya (ZIZZ STUDIO)
  7. “Blowin’ in the Wind -battle ver.-” composed by Yoh Ohyama (ZIZZ STUDIO)
  8. “Traitor” composed by Yoh Ohyama (ZIZZ STUDIO)
Bar Stella Abyss is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on February 29 in Japan.
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