Now that the Crash Trilogy is coming out, what would you prefer VV do next?

Jun 27, 2011
I'm interested to see what gaffers at large think about this. The most often requested ones would be Crash Team Racing or Spyro trilogy remaster (or remake, whatever you prefer). Then there is the option of a completely new Crash game, wether in the vein of the trilogy they now did or something completely original.

Personally I'd love to see CTR with online play next but at the same time I'd really want to know the developers opinion too. Who knows what they would prefer, maybe they are tired of Crash already! I'd honestly prefer anything Crash over Spyro since we are on a roll.

Bonus option: Destiny 2 DLC factory.


Jun 5, 2013
no idea how good the early Spyros aged but i'd buy it for nostalgia reasons.
2 and 3 are still pretty good games. Better than Crash, personally. Spyro 1 is pretty much like Crash 1 and Ratchet 1, a decent game that has been completely rendered obsolete by it's infinitely superior sequels.


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May 17, 2013
Torn between Spyro and CTR. I'd buy both in a heartbeat.

If Crash works out CTR! If Sony is smart they should use this as their in to cross platform and release it on Switch.

Isn't CTR the only Crash game Sony still holds the rights to? Why would they release it on a competitor's platform? If they were going to do cross platform beyond PC, it'd be with a 3rd party title.
Jun 23, 2012
I'd just take Twinsanity PS2 classic, I don't feel like it warrants a full remake.
It definitely warrants a full remake, it had some of the best level design ever in a platformer but it had hours of cut content and really shitty controls. A full remake which restores the missing content and fixes the controls would be a thing of beauty. (Unless they downgraded the framerate to 30 fps, in which case I would stick with the 60 fps PS2 version.)
Sep 17, 2006
Puerto Rico
They made amazing Guitar Hero games on DS and Wii. The best Skylanders games (swap Force and Superchargers, then the Crash level in Imaginators) and even incredible Tony Hawk games for GBA and DS back then.

So I'm always keeping an eye out for whatever they do next.


Though regarding Spyro. Toys for Bob had the license from way before Skylanders (it was how Skylanders started), not sure if they still have it as Spyro or as part of Skylanders. But a Spyro game or remake could probably be from them. They're all under Activision anyway.
Jun 10, 2016
Doing a similar Spyro collection would be awesome. Otherwise, a really quality. Skylanders game using what they've learned, preferably with minimal to no mandatory toy stuff and more in the way of actual platforming.
Aug 22, 2014
Spyro Trilogy. That little purple dragon's PS1 games are still some of my all time favourites, and I'd give a limb for those to get a shiny new coat of paint with a remake.

Or a new Crash now they've got such an intimate knowledge of what makes those games tick. But I want Spyro more.